A Taste of Chef Wade’s Mac-n-Cheese

A million different flavors grace your taste buds as you enjoy the mixture of ingredients from all over the world via the dishes served from Chef Wade’s Mac-n-Cheese food truck. Chef Wade’s Mac-n-Cheese “People don’t realize how much you can do with mac n’ cheese,” says Chef Wade, as he explained the different ingredients and methods he follows to create his tasty dishes. He drew inspiration from exotic destinations like Italy, flavors you can find locally and everything in between. His Italian entree is a Sicilian dish that includes spicy Italian sausage, grilled onion, tomato and pesto; a dish inspired by the unique flavors of Louisiana in the Nawlin’s bowl which includes andouille sausage, shrimp and a Cajun spice; and if either of those are not making your mouth water, there is a bowl inspired by the flavors in our backyard, the Southwest mac n’ cheese that includes green chili, tomato and smoked pork topped with barbecue sauce.

Chef Wade is even equipped to satisfy even the pickiest eaters, with a made-to-order option where the bowl of mac n’ cheese comes bare and you add the toppings yourself. For the daredevils, there is an option to order a bowl without asking… so prepare yourselves for a delicious surprise. There is even an option for the vegan population, as well. Made with whole grain pasta and a mixture of butternut squash and peppers smothered in a puree of broccoli, cauliflower and cashews.

To catch this mac n’ cheese extravaganza, be sure to follow Chef Wade’s Mac-n-Cheese Facebook page as this heaven-on-wheels is constantly on the go and serving up yumminess in various places around the Valley. —Lauren Grifol

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