Luxury Water Company Unveils New Slim Cans

In Arizona, it is no secret that staying hydrated is vital to one’s health. Those hot days can really take a toll if you’re not drinking the proper amount of water. But who says you have to drink plain old water from the tap? A luxury sparkling water purveyor has just unveiled a new, slimmer can that is convenient and delicious–and, of course, very hydrating.
The just-unveiled Perrier Slim Can is a chic, easy-to-carry can that is perfect for toting to the office in your lunch bag or slipping into a poolside cooler. Perrier is all natural with zero calories and each slim can comes from the same source as every bottle of Perrier sold throughout the world: Vergeze, France. Best of all, Perrier Slim Cans are available in a variety of refreshing summer-friendly flavors: Original, Lime and Pink Grapefruit.
If you’re seeking a non-PG sip this season, Perrier Slim Cans can even be used to create delish, one-of-a-kind summer cocktails.Simply replace club soda in any cocktail with Perrier or for recipe ideas, visit
Perrier Slim Cans are available now in Target stores nationwide and additional retailers later this summer.

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