Grocery Great: Tucson Tamale Company

Tamales may be a traditional Christmas treat in Mexico and the Southwest, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t order up some now, as their rich, warming flavors also make the perfect fall eat.
That is where Tucson Tamale Company comes in. Opened in 2008 by Todd and Sherry Martin, Tucson Tamale Company was founded. They focus on using premium ingredients in crafting fun flavor combinations (plus, all the gourmet tamales are rolled by hand, and they use non-GMO organic corn for all masa and fillings).
Whether for a holiday gift, to serve at your own holiday feast or simply for an easy and delicious dinner during the fall (or any) season, Tucson Tamale Company ships nationwide. You are welcome to choose from a variety of gift packages or choose flavors a la cart, which range from traditional offerings to breakfast tamales with ingredients like potato and chorizo to dessert tamales with pumpkin, chocolate, cherries and more for a post-dinner indulgence. (Vegan and vegetarian tamales are also available.)
When a Box of Happiness, which comprises one package (two tamales) each of pumpkin; green chile pork and cheese; green chile chicken; red chile beef; green corn; blue corn, cheese and veggies; and black bean and cheese, we shouldn’t wait to dig in. (Box of Happiness is $39 for 14 tamales.)
Favorites included the green chile pork and cheese, which offered just the right amount of spice, as well as the blue corn, cheese and veggie tamale, which is packed with veggies (plus, kids will love the blue corn masa). Those who like a little spice in their life will adore the green chile chicken, which was spicier than the pork variety, and the red chile beef, which is a bit smokier than the other options. If you are serving little ones, you can’t beat the green corn, as they will adore the sweetness, or the satisfying–and cheesy–black bean and cheese tamale. Each tamale had a generous amount of filling, including the meat varieties, make two tamales a perfect dinner.
Tip: We recommend ordering Tucson Tamale Company’ s microwave steamer bag. The easy-to-use bag can cook up to two tamales at a time, even frozen, conveniently in the microwave.

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