Grocery Great: SmartSweets

Instead of turning to your kid’s heap of sugar-laden Halloween treats, we have a tasty alternative for satiating your sweet tooth: SmartSweets. These gummy candies have 85 percent less sugar than the average candy. In fact, one entire bag of SmartSweets fun-pack gummy candy has only one gram of sugar (most others have around eight grams!)
While you can feel good about consuming less sugar, you will also enjoy every sweet bite. The SmartSweets Fruity Gummy Bears are similar to traditional gummy bears (seriously, your little ones won’t notice a difference) while the Sour Gummy Bears have that tangy crispy coat that people adore about Sour Patch Kids. Our personal favorite, though is SmartSweets Sweet Fish, a better-for-your alternative to Swedish Fish and the perfect movie-night snack.
In addition to having minimal sugar, SmartSweets are also non-GMO, gluten free, allergen friendly and free from sugar alcohols and anything artificial.
Available at Whole Foods and

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