Grocery Great: Hot Dogs

In today’s Grocery Great segment, guest writer, ForXx, explores the almighty hot dog.

hot dog mustard

In honor of our recent presidential visit, I decided to get up close and personal with the good ole’ American hot dog. Do they really plump when you cook em’? In my quest to find the right top dog, I also decided to compare it with it’s vegan counterpart and a kosher brand. Here’s what I found.

Hebrew National: This all-beef hot dog was really meaty tasting. It didn’t have an aftertaste or taste like cardboard. While kosher, like organic, is little pricier, it’s worth the investment. Kosher dogs have a clean taste.

At Harkins Theaters, they offer what’s called a Deluxe Dog along with their regular 6-inch all-beef hot dog. The Deluxe Dog is 8 inches of a quarter-pound sirloin beef. It’s plump, hearty, flavorful and really filling. To be honest, this is the only hot dog I eat at the movies. Otherwise, I’m O.K. with some unsalted popcorn and bottled water. The regular hot dog is $4.25; the Deluxe is $5. Definitely worth not getting a tummy ache later.

Ball Park Franks are super-delicious as well. If you don’t have time to boil them, a good broil will do the trick. They do in fact, plump when you cook ’em and are juicy with a snap to them when you bite down.

A vegan dog is comparable to a turkey dog in texture and taste. Boiling is your only option here as the skin doesn’t pan fry or grill well without tearing.

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