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energy bar
In this week’s Grocery Great segment, guest writer ForXx discusses the best energy/protein bars on the market.
If you’ve ever tried an energy/protein bar, you know how varied in taste, texture and price they can be. Of course, I’m here to take on the challenge and find out which ones taste best. I started my energy bar journey when I got caught without a snack out of town. At the hotel, the only snacks available were Luna bars. I never tried those before. I was accustomed to various flavors of the KIND bars. So in my food critic wisdom, I decided to embark on the best energy/protein bar journey.
The 40-gram KIND Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew bar has 50 percent of the daily value of antioxidants as well as vitamins A, C and E. Each bar is usually 180 calories, and the ingredients are plain and simply delicious. There isn’t anything in them you can’t pronounce. It also only has 20mg of sodium which is important to me. The KIND bars are very filling, and the texture is desireable to the palate.
The Luna protein bar offers 190 calories in a 48-gram bar, and the ingredients are pretty straightforward as well. They seem to cater to the female gender with words on the package like: whole nutrition bar for women. It offers things like folic acid, calcium, iron and claims to be 70 pecent organic. My concern was the 210mg of sodium. As far as taste, they are comparable to KIND but better for a meal replacement for breakfast.
The Grocery Great this week is KIND for a great and healthy in-between meals snack.

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