Grocery Great: Chinese Cookies

peanut cookies

In this week’s Grocery Great segment, guest writer ForXx explores cookies from China.

One of the stores I frequent for fresh fish and poultry is the market in the Chinese Cultural Center on 44th Street in Phoenix. It’s so fresh, none of the meat in the frozen section has a chance to actually harden. Over the weekend, I hand-picked some tilapia swimming around fresh water, had them scaled and be-headed. (I know–fun, right?) While I was there, I also picked up some of my favorite cookies, which is the topic of this week’s Grocery Great.

Last year, we visited manufacturing factories in China. The snack of choice was consistent from factory to factory. Each host would offer us these amazing cookies with sweet tea in a red can. When I returned to the States, I was pleasantly surprised to find these items at my favorite Chinese market. It brought the memories rushing back.

The cookies are available in three flavors: sesame, cashew and peanut, which is my personal favorite. They are about the size of a quarter in diameter; crumble on the tongue; and simply melt in your mouth with a smooth, buttery finish. The calorie count isn’t that bad either making them a guiltless pleasure.

Whatever flavor you choose, sesame, cashew or peanut (depending on the flavor) is delicately baked atop the center of each cookie. Because they are so moist and delicious, you don’t even need milk. They’re a satisfying little treat comparable to our butter or sugar cookies. Only available at the Chinese market. Enjoy!

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