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Losing weight can be an intimidating task. The thought of having to sustain yourself on kale and lemon water is certainly not the ideal scenario. However, bistroMD makes the journey to losing weight a delicious one with its food-delivery program. Designed by a doctor and her foodie husband, bistroMD delivers five- or seven-days worth of delectable and nutritious foods to your front door, making stops at the fast-food spot or heaps of easy-to-make spaghetti seem not so tempting on workday lunch hours or busy weekday nights.
Instead of relying on fad techniques and chemical fillers, bistroMD focuses on balanced nutrition to achieve weight-loss success. Each of the entrees contains a scientific balance of complex carbohydrates, like vegetables, whole grains and fiber along with lean protein and healthy fat ratios. The Registered Dietitians ensure that every weekly menu’s nutrition plan for weight loss each healthy entree (there are more than 200 recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner) follows bistroMD’s nutritional platform. Even though bistroMD’s convenience factor (hello, the meals come right to your door!) makes them a no-brainer, the best part is that the entrees are delicious and filling (no stingy serving sizes here), a super-important aspect for anyone striving to lose weight.
Here are a few of our favorites:
English Muffin Breakfast Sandwich with Turkey Sausage Like an Egg McMuffin, only healthier. After popping this in the microwave, the sandwich is perfectly portable for the ride to work. Plus, the bread wasn’t soggy (which can be an issue with frozen breakfast sandwiches).
Chicken and Mushroom Crepe with Waldorf Apples A little something sweet, a little something savory–a welcome morning combo. The side of roasted cinnamon apples with dried cranberries is a bit tart and tangy while the chicken and mushroom combo within the crepe is creamy and delicious, thanks to a primo béchamel sauce.
Bacon Cheeseburger Meatloaf with Sweet Potato Fries Through the fries were a little soggy, this lunch offering made up for its with its juicy meatloaf, a combo of loww-fat beef with lean turkey, natural bacon and Vermont cheddar cheese (and there was a lot of it). It is rounded out with spinach and carrots.
Salmon Picatta Especially for a frozen meal, the salmon is delicious–flaky and flavorful. And the white wine and parsley picatta sauce it is crowned with was bright and refreshing. On the side, the pine nut and currant quinoa offers some sweetness and crunch.
Lasagna Rollatini Who said you can’t have pasta while dieting? This dish surely proves that wrong. The pasta in each piece of rolled lasagna is al dente and study, perfect to hold the chucky tomato sauce and cheeses.
Workweek programs start at about $130.

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