A Taste of Epiphany Chocolates


In 2012,  Kathryn Blackwell, a chocolate lover, decided it was time to share her delectable handmade chocolates with the world–and Scottsdale’s Epiphany Chocolates was born. Each treat spotlights a soft center of unique and surprising ingredients crowned in chocolate. We were lucky enough to sample the amazing goods at Epiphany Chocolates. Here are our faves:
Tropezien This tasty nugget consists of orange coconut fudge. The orange center is bright and fresh, covered in dark chocolate and drizzled with buttery almonds. This is the perfect summertime indulgence.
Sweet Carolime Another summer-perfect pick, this treat is tangy and tasty. The key lime center is dunked in white chocolate and garnished with fresh coconut.
Wendy Darling You can’t go wrong the combo of peanut butter and chocolate–and this PB fudge treat is no exception. Wendy Darling combines creamy peanut butter, silky milk chocolate and, for a bit of crunch, puffed rice.
Forever Young Just like peanut butter and chocolate, salty and sweet are in perfect harmony. This treat brings creamy peanut butter, chewy caramel, milk chocolate and salty pretzels together in one perfect little package.
Holly Woods In our book, salted caramel can do no wrong. In Holly Woods, rich milk chocolate, cashews and salted caramel comes together in a sweet and salty symphony.
In addition to a taste bud-pleasing product, Epiphany Chocolates also has super-pretty packaging–great for gifting. To learn more, visit www.epiphanychocolates.com.

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