2016 Foodie Gift Guide

For your best food-loving friend, look no further than these must-get gourmet gifts (many of which are local). Happy gifting!
In honor of Joe Johnston’s birthday weekend, he has partnered with Bite Magazine of the Joe Johnston Bite Box (a new box is unveiled quarterly). The box includes Homeboy’s Jalapeño Hot Sauce, Farm at Agritopia Dates, Hayden Flour Mills Blue Beard Crackers, Cartel Coffee Lab Single Origin Coffee and so much more. $85 (retail value of $125). Can be pre-ordered at readbite.com. They are available for pick up only on Saturday, Dec. 18 at Liberty Market.
Sphinx Date Co.’s Assorted Medjool Date Gift Tray is a delicious and healthful alternative to a traditional box ‘o chocolates. The perfect hostess gift, the tray is packed with jumbo Medjool dates, Coconut Dreams, chocolate-covered Medjool dates, and pecan- and walnut-stuffed Medjool dates. Prices start at $25.95.
A lovely stocking stuffer or a welcomed hostess gift, the Mini 4-Bottle Gift Set from Round Pond Estate features gourmet olive oils and red wine vinegars. At-home chefs will adore the fruits of estate-grown Italian-variety olive trees and grape vines (plus, the mini bottles makes for easy storage). Available in a mini four-bottle gift set for $38, or a single, larger format for $36.
Teaspressa’s Holiday Gift Set is the ultimate starter kit for caffeine fiends, all coffee and tea aficionados. The Holiday Gift Set includes all four of Teaspressa’s signature tea blends: Manhattan Black, Cape Town, Green Gold and Charles Grey. It also includes its exclusive holiday gourmet Peppermint Sugar Cubes and a moka pot for at-home brewing. (Gourmet seasonal recipes are featured on Teaspressa’s Web site for DIY lattes and holiday-entertaining inspo.) $98.
Seeking a unique yet festive spirit for holiday gifting? Stillhouse, which is 100-percent clear corn American whiskey, was just launched in February and is making waves for its cool stainless steel packaging (in red. so no wrapped required) and selection of delicious flavors: Original, Apple Crisp, Peach Tea, Coconut, Mint Chip and Red Hot. $27.99.

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