Tips for Easter Brunch at Home by Sassi

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Chef Nicosia of Sassi in North Scottsdale provides useful tips for a successful at-home Easter Sunday brunch.
-Plan a realistic menu. This is not the time to experiment with complicated food items. Remember that you are going to be serving eight to 10 different items.
-Follow this simple formula:
A Sweet Breakfast Dish
An Egg Dish
Fresh Fruit
An Antipasti Platter (salami, cheeses, olives, etc.)
A Smoked Salmon Platter (capers, red onion, cream cheese, etc.)
Breakfast Breads (bagels, muffins, Danish, etc.)
A Salad
An Entrée Dish with a Simple Side
-Use all equipment and appliances available. Don’t create a menu where everything needs to be cooked on the stove top. Utilize the grill, the oven, the stovetop…whatever you have.
-Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Ask someone to bring the fruit platter, or dessert.  It will save a lot of time.
-Make sure that you have chafing dishes to keep hot food hot.
-Use the wedding china. This is the perfect opportunity to break out the fancy china that is probably still in its original box. You’ll be surprised at how it can dress up your brunch.
-Don’t forget the cocktails. Mimosas, bellinis and Bloody Marys are a must, but also have a signature cocktail to offer. Make sure that you have some interesting garnishes for the Bloody Marys.
-Decorate with fresh flowers and bowls of Easter candy.
Sample Menu:
Tequila Lime-Watermelon Cooler (recipe below), Mimosas, Belinis, Bloody Marys
Crespelle (Italian crepes) with Lemon-Basil Ricotta and Strawberry Marmalata
Fritatta with Prosciutto and Asparagus
Seasonal Fruit Platter
Smoked Salmon Platter, Capers, Red Onion, Cream Cheese, Chopped Hard Boiled Egg
Bagels, Muffins, Scones
Cucumber and Tomato Panzanella
Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Roasted Potatoes, Arugula and Lemon
Chocolate Truffle Easter Eggs, Easter Cookies, Strawberry Rhubard Upside Down Cake
Tequila Lime-Watermelon Cooler
3 seedless watermelon, peeled and cut into 1 1/2″ dice
6 lime zest (removed with a micro plane grater) and lime juice
1/2 C agave nectar syrup, amber color, not light (natural sweetner made from agave)
1 Liter tequila (silver or reposado–not anejo)
Mix all ingredients together in a large, tall vessel and let sit overnight in refrigerator. Next day: Fill rocks glass with ice and some of the cubed watermelon. Ladle accumulated tequila lime-watermelon liquid into glass. Top with a floater of club soda if you wish. Garnish with lime wedge.

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