Taste of the NFL Chef Chat: Nancy Longo of Baltimore, MD

nancy longo
In honor of the upcoming Taste of NFL’s Party with a Purpose, get to know the event’s participating chefs. Check back weekly to get to know other Taste of the NFL’s Party with a Purpose chefs from all over the nation!
Chef name: Chef Nancy Longo
Restaurant and location: Pierpoint, Baltimore, MD
Web site: www.pierpointrestaurant.com
Social media: @chefnancylongo; www.facebook.com/pages/Pierpoint-Restaurant-Catering/120304437980852
What inspired you to take part in the Taste of the NFL’s Party with a Purpose? My father was professional boxer. As I was growing up, I spent much of my life with sports people in my home. He was involved with inner-city kids groups and his involvement in the community is what inspired me to give back. My motto as a chef is, ‘It’s your job to feed everybody. You should always do what you can to help everyone.’
Any hints as to what you’ll be dishing up at the party? We will be doing a Maryland crab cake corndog with heirloom tomato salad remoulade and chive oil.
Say you’re hosting a Super Bowl party. What dish do you serve to guests? People here have always done the Maryland thing – crab dip. And of course there are chicken wings too and a fair amount of chili. Most often it’s something with crab in it.
Have you always had a passion for the culinary arts? How did you get your start? My sister went to Europe to become a chef. When I was 13, I began working for her. And, while I was original going to go to school to be a set designer, the class I signed up for was canceled. So, I ended up going to culinary school instead. I’m equally passionate about both. I opened my first restaurant when I was 26-years-old.
What do you love most about what you do? Most any chef would tell you part of it is the creative process and also making people happy through your food. I also teach a lot of classes. I love to impart knowledge to people who love food. I’ve also been able to use my set designer skills through catering and creating really successful events.
What are your goals for the coming year? For Taste of the NFL, my goal is to raise at least one more dollar than last year. We never want to go backwards. We never want to go backwards. As far as the restaurant goes, making sure everyone has a job and that we’re having fun!
What food bank are you representing? Maryland Food Bank
And a few fun faves…
Favorite Super Bowl memory: There are two that I can recall when our team (the Baltimore Ravens) was in the Super Bowl, in 2001 and again 2013. Every chef hopes that their team will be in the Super Bowl. We were staying in the same hotel as the Ravens in 2013. It was crazy fun!
Favorite sports-watching snack: Popcorn with all kinds of toppings like butter, truffle oil, smoked salt and Parmesan cheese.
Favorite cocktail to whip up for Super Bowl guests: Purple People Eater – It’s made with grape juice, grape soda, crème de cassis, triple sec, lime juice and rum. Shake it up and drink! It can be made as shooters too.
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