Steak 44 Undergoes Renovation

One of the Valley’s top steakhouses and one of the most gorgeous local dining spots, Steak 44, has announced a million-dollar renovation. The restaurant is adding an additional 2,000 square feet and several more high-end amenities to its uptown Phoenix location. Currently in the construction phase, the addition is scheduled to be completed in January of 2019.
Once completed, the refreshed Steak 44 will house a new dining bar, a state-of-the-art butcher shop and kitchen improvements, several more warm and inviting dining rooms, and approximately 80 more seats. Unlike the main bar, the new dining bar will allow guests to reserve a seat in advance for full dinner.
“We are always looking for ways to improve and elevate our guests’ experience at Steak 44,” says Steak 44 CEO and co-founder, Jeff Mastro, in a press release. “With our additional Steak 48 locations in Houston and Chicago, we saw what worked and what improved the totality of the experience and we are bringing that home here to Steak 44. We are excited for guests to experience the new space.” Plus, Mastro added that “advancements in food safety and quality are always evolving and improving, this is why we are excited about the new version of our butcher shop as well. We focus on the total guest experience, and for us that means always serving the best possible, high-quality food in a warm contemporary and vibrant atmosphere with the highest level of personal service, so anything that helps us to bring our guests a better product is top on our list.”

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