Reese’s Releases New Vegan Peanut Butter Cups

The Hershey Company

Reese’s has created the first plant-based Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Now available in stores, the chocolate-peanut butter combination reaches a variety of diet preferences. Hershey created this new product to increase options and offer healthier alternatives for consumers. 

As opposed to the original Reese’s Peanut Butter cup made with milk chocolate, the new plant-based chocolate bar is crafted with an oat-based chocolate bar called Hershey’s Oat Made. The ingredients in the plant-based Hershey’s Oat Made bar are much cleaner and simpler than the original.  

Hershey has created two Oat Made chocolate bars so far, including the classic dark, as well as the Plant Based Extra Creamy Almonds and Sea Salt. Both flavors are GMO verified. Hershey’s sold this oat-based chocolate bar in some test markets in 2021, but the new Plant-Based Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups will be the first sold throughout the U.S. under the “Plant Based” label. 

The plant-based version costs more than the original. The price varies depending on the retailer; however, Rite Aid prices the 1.4-ounce package at $2.49. The plant-based pricing is about $1 more than consumers would pay for a regular package. Hershey prices similarly for organic versions of its Reese’s Cups, which hit the shelves in 2021. 

The desire for more plant-based options continues to grow exponentially. In 2022, the Plant-Based Food Association predicted that 62% of U.S. households frequently buy plant-based products. Creating the new plant-based chocolate bar allows Hershey to reach more chocolate lovers. In 2021 Hershey partnered with one of the world’s leading sweetener companies, the ASR Group, to create breakthrough innovations in plant-based foods. 

Other chocolate companies are catching on to the high need for plant-based treats. For example, the popular chocolate company Lindt created a vegan variation of their classic chocolate bars. Flavors such as caramel and original are available for purchase. 

The plant-based Reese’s are sold at various retailers across the U.S. including the Hershey Store, Rite Aid and Target.

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