Dog Days of Summer at Joe’s Farm Grill

Joe's farm grill Sonoran
Every September, Joe’s Farm Grill in Gilbert pays homage to everyone’s favorite summer staple: the hot dog. This year, Joe’s offers 12 specialty hot dogs and sausages, all featuring meat from Schreiner’s Fine Sausages in Phoenix. Hot dogs are a quarter pound, all-beef in natural casing. Each is served with fries (or any regular menu substitute or upgrade) and is priced $7.99 for one or $10.99 for any two including the dessert dog. (Double dogs include one side, feel free to mix  and match, except for The Foot-long Dog.)
Hot dogs that are new this year to Joe’s Dog Days of Summer:
1. “Sacré Bleu” Parisian Dog – Nestled in a garlic bun, with sliced ham, fontina cheese, Dijon mayo, French double cream brie, cornichons and green onion
2. Poutine Dog, Eh!? – Spin on the Canadian Classic with hand-breaded fried Wisconsin cheese curds, heaps of fries, scratch-made brown gravy, a dollop of sour cream and garnished with green onion (side dish is fries, on top of the dog)
3. Pepper Popper Dog – Slathered with Serrano cream-cheese spread, hand-breaded fried jalapeños and red pepper jelly garnish
4. Tribute to Joe’s Real BBQ Dog – topped with Joe’s famous BBQ Pit Beans and mac ’n cheese
5. Sweet Granny’s Pistachio Dog – Dried fig and pistachio sausage (all pork shoulder), topped with sautéed fresh Granny Smith apples and figs. Garnished with toasted pistachio, sour cream and cinnamon
6. My Big Fat Greek Sausage – Smoked Greek-style sausage (all pork shoulder), tzatziki-cucumber sauce, chopped tomato, crumbled feta and Kalamata olives. Garnished with green onion and fresh oregano
7. THE TAKE TWO Foot-long Chili Cheese Dog (It’s Back – $10.99, not available to double up) full 1/2 pound all beef hot dog, smothered in homemade chili and shredded cheese. Dress it up as you wish.
8. Taco Truck Dog – Ground beef taco and hot dog in a bun, shredded cheese, black olives, shredded lettuce, pico de gallo, sour cream. Topped with homemade escabèche and cilantro
9. For the Love of BACON! Dessert Dog – Plain long john donut, vanilla ice cream, topped with whipped cream, chopped bacon, JFG homemade peanut butter and fudge sauces and two cherries. Served with a side of hot fudge
10. Eggs Over My Breakfast Bacon Dog (breakfast only) – Deep fried bacon-wrapped dog, breakfast potatoes, shredded sharp cheddar, Over-easy egg. Topped with salsa verde, sour cream and green onion
And best-sellers from Joe’s regular menu…
11. Carolina – Topped with pulled pork, cole slaw and Joe’s Real BBQ Sauce
12. Sonoran (pictured) – Bacon-wrapped and deep-fried, smothered in farm beans, cheese, sour cream and jalapeños

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