Trendsetter to Know: Family Law Attorney Wendy Hernandez

Name: Wendy Hernandez of Hernandez Family Law




Age: 52

Title:  Managing Attorney/Owner

Married/Single: Married

Kids: One 11-year-old daughter

City you live in: Central Phoenix

A typical day in my life includes… meditation, time spent outside, exercise, a good book, legal work, and an episode of Friends or Seinfeld before bed.

I was born… into a long line of Arizona copper miners; my father was a miner, as were my grandfathers, several of my aunts, all of my uncles, and some cousins.  Although I decided to become a lawyer at a very young age, I never actually met a lawyer until I went to law school. My blue-collar roots have served me well because now, as an attorney, I’m not afraid to roll up my sleeves, dig around and “get dirty” to find the gold in the most difficult of situations. 

My favorite thing about Arizona… is the year-round sunshine, something I didn’t realize I needed until I spent three years at Notre Dame Law School enduring the harsh midwestern winters. 

I’m listening to… Being Funny in a Foreign Language, the new album by The 1975

My family… drives me every single day to become a better version of myself, even when it’s hard.

If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be… Abraham Lincoln. He was my first and only attorney role model up until I started law school. (Or do the lawyers on LA Law count?)

One thing I cannot live without… that first cup of coffee I have each morning before the world is awake. 

When I was younger, I wanted to be… an attorney…ever since I was 12 years old.

I’m inspired by… Benjamin Franklin. He refused to box himself into any one thing, and he was not only one of our nation’s Founding Fathers, but he was also a publisher, writer, inventor, printer and more. I’d love to hear his thoughts on how I might expand my way of thinking to do and be more in my life and for the world.

The one person who motivates me is… my husband who is always lovingly and radically honest with me. He tells me things I don’t what to hear when I need to hear them. He checks me when I’m making up stories in my head that are making me miserable. When I forget that I am loveable and capable, he reminds me who I really am. He makes me laugh every day, and he is my best friend.

If I could change anything in the world, it would be… the rapidly changing climate environment. I am worried about what my daughter and her generation will face with global warming and possible water and energy crises. I hope the next generation can help fix the issues we are facing as a planet. 

The perfect day would be… spent designing jewelry in my home jewelry studio. In recent years, I’ve become a silversmith/jewelry designer, and when I’m not practicing law, I like to play with a torch and burn things!

My first job was… working in the sewer plant at the Cyprus Bagdad Copper Company in 1988. During my first summer interning for the mine, I was assigned to work on the “townsite,” which meant I was responsible for raking dried pods of sewage. When I start feeling overwhelmed about a case or situation at work, I think about the fact that there’s not much worse than shoveling “you-know-what” in a sewer plant. 

My favorite escape… is the South of France in the summertime. I love choosing each day’s bread, cheese, meat and dessert at the market for my meals, listening to the hum of foreign language conversations, and eating a new flavor of gelato every day.

My life… has unfolded in ways I never imagined possible. At 29 years old, I summoned the courage to quit my job as a county prosecutor to open my own law practice. From my law practice, my Command the Courtroom YouTube channel was born. Now, not only am I able to help people dealing with family court issues locally, but I am able to inspire people globally, as well. It’s so gratifying to receive an email from a person from across the world who says a video gave them hope about a situation they were facing. 

I’m currently working on… my first book which I will publish during the first quarter of next year. 

Always… know that every challenge is unfolding in a way that will lead to the best outcome possible for everyone involved.

Never… question your value. You are worthy simply because you exist. 

Favorite Quote… Though the ground keeps me rooted, my mind is in the heavens.

-Isabeau statue, Le Jardin Exotique d’Eze, France

Biggest Dream… to raise a confident daughter who’s not afraid to take risks in life. I pray that after I’m gone, my daughter will be able to handle life’s challenges with strength and grace. I want my daughter to own the fact that if something isn’t making her happy, she has a choice to stop doing that thing no matter how big or small it might be. My hope is that she recognizes her worth and despite the failures she may endure, she still understands she is powerful beyond measure.

My Pet Peeve(s)… the fact that my laundry will never, ever be finished.

Bio-on yourself/company: Wendy Hernandez is a Phoenix family law attorney, founder of the Hernandez Family Law Firm, divorce coach and creator of Command the Courtroom.

Having tried over 1,000 cases during her 26 years as a litigator, Wendy is a courtroom warrior who has tackled every type of family law matter — from divorce to child custody and everything in between.

In addition to providing full-service representation for Arizona clients, Wendy is passionate about coaching individuals representing themselves on how to navigate the family law courtroom on their own through her popular YouTube channel, Command the Courtroom.

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