Trendsetter to Know: Dancer Oliver Dominguez

Name: Oliver Dominguez 

Facebook: Oliver Dominguez / Oliver Dominguez FADSPro 

Instagram: danceoliver 

Age: 28 

Title: Fred Astaire Dance Studios Professional 

Married/Single: Single 

Kids: Maybe in a few years. 

City you live in: Chandler, AZ 

A typical day in my life includes… me waking up, eating breakfast (usually eggs and a side with avocado). Driving over to my workplace beginning with conditioning work out. After that, my staff and I have a daily meeting where we address current studio changes and updates with all of our students.

I usually have 6 to 8 students who come in on a daily basis where we work on their future upcoming events such as competitions, showcases( usually each student’s lesson is an hour-long). Once I am done teaching and the studio closes for the day, my dance partner and I begin our competitive training, which consists of us having a coach and working on our own techniques for at least 2 hours. Usually, we get done around 11 pm. So after rehearsal, we get ready to do it all over again in a few hours. 

I was born… in Mexico in the beautiful state of Chihuahua. 

My favorite thing about Arizona… is most definitely its nature. Especially when taking a hiking trip to either Water Wheel Falls or exploring Sedona. 

I’m listening to…
My music taste is generally different. I am a big fan of electronic house music, and currently, I am listening to Nora En Pure. It fits into all the hiking trips and nature that AZ has to offer.

My family… is the most important element in my life. Back in Texas, my mother is an inspirational hardworking woman, and my brother is an amazing artist. 

If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be… Tyra Banks, I think she is a big household name who has always inspired minorities through her voice. She has had an extensive career with all types of media and platforms. 

One thing I cannot live without…is advice/feedback, I believe growth is a major part of living. 

When I was younger, I wanted to be… a professional dancer, and here we are. 

I’m inspired by… architecture.  Even though my profession relates to movement. Architecture displays shapes, it relates to weight and structure. That is definitely a part of the dance. 

The one person who motivates me is…my dance partner Gina. She has taught me so much in the past few years. Not only that but is also a great example to keep pushing and not rely on comfort. 

If I could change anything in the world, it would be… to enrich people through the power of dance. Dance is such a powerful tool that can help people in so many ways. Mentally, emotionally and physically. I would want everyone to experience the language of dance. 

The perfect day would be… a beautiful sunny day in California, I love the beach so much looking forward to a sunny day. 

My first job was…working with students with disabilities. I worked as a note taker in high school and I picked up a few sign language phrases. 

My favorite escape… would be music, nothing but a music festival with my closest friends. 

My life…is a work in progress and a learning experience. Sometimes I forget to have fun and take things less seriously. 

I’m currently working on…staying positive in such unfortunate times. With that along conditioning my body physically for upcoming natural competitions. 

Always… be open minded and respect others opinions. 

Never…come into conclusions. Think and analyze before taking any actions. 

Favorite Quote…
“Make it a great day, or not… the choice is yours.” – unknown 

Biggest Dream… 
I want to become an American Rhythm Dance Champion. Along with opening my own dance studio. 

My Pet Peeve(s)… is not allowing others to speak in a social environment. (Laud individuals) 

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