Workout Wednesday: Strength Training Faves

@mmmadisonmurray Banded Bench Hip Thrust Start position

Here are a few of my current strength training favorites. You can put a fun little circuit together with these or two one into your current routine.

Banded bench hip thrust: Place your back on the bench with your feet on the ground. Drop your butt down as you keep the weight in your heels while looking forward. Thrust up as you squeeze your glutes up top while looking at the ceiling. The band will create some resistance but if you want more and weights to your hips.

@mmmadisonmurray Banded Bench Hip Thrust Start position
@mmmadisonmurray Banded Bench Hip Thrust End Position

Ring/TRX Row: Hold your body in a straight plank position from your head to your toes. Arms extended. Keep your heels down, toes up. Row your body to the top position as controlled as possible. Lower your body back down slowly. For more of a challenge walk your feet out further.

@Mmmadisonmurray Ring/Trx Row Start position
@mmmadisonmurray Ring/Trx Row End Position

Plank Hold: This will forever be my favorite exercise and I will never leave it out no matter how “Common” it may be. It’s so good it deserves all the love. This is not just a great core exercise. If you do it correctly you should be incorporating your entire body. Hold a plank position. Keep your shoulder blades punched together. Butt down with your low back tucked under. Create more tension by driving your elbows to your toes and your toes to your elbows.

@mmmadisonmurray Plank Hold Form

Anti rotation core hold: This one is In-Freaking-Sane. Start in an athletic stance with your hands clasped around the band. Extend your arms out in front of you and hold. Keep your arms straight and fight against the band to keep your shoulders and hips square to the front. Looks way easier than it is!

@mmmadisonmurray Anti Rotation Core hold start position
@mmmadisonmurray Anti Rotation Core Hold End Position

I added some pictures so you can try to keep form, but if you would like to see a video head to under workout videos or check me out on instgram at @mmmadisonmurray .

Madison Murray is a certified personal trainer, a group fitness instructor, a certified sports and exercise nutrition coach and a certified functional strength coach.

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