Want better results? Mix up that workout!


The summer has well and been here, and we all know that everyone’s been working on their fitness for those bathing suits Instagram photos. Even if you have your favorite workout routine here’s the real questin: how do you raise the bar to get those better results? No one wants their hard work to become monotonous or no longer achieve the results they’re aiming for. We checked in with Co-Owner and Operator of Amenzone DC Ranch, JD “Gov’nor” Durso, to really dig into the topic of “better results.”

“Your body is an amazing machine and adapts to doing the same workout routine over and over. So Change it UP! Here are some ideas to do just that. Try a different workout for better results!”

  • Vary the length of your workout. Try doing the same 90 min workout in 60 minutes.
  • Try varying the hand positions. Instead of a wide grip go to a close grip. Change your overhand grip to an underhand grip.
  • Change your repetition scheme from 15 reps to 10 reps to 6 reps.. Your weight load will be different the less reps you do.
  • Change your rest periods between sets from 60 sec to 30 sec..
  • Change the order in which you do your exercises.
  • Add jump rope, mountain climbers, burpees, jump squats, jogging in place and jumping jacks in between your sets.
  • Change the days you do your workouts or the time of day.
  • If you are just lifting weights add some cardio to your routine twice a week.
  • Instead of traditional dumbbells and machines try lifting unconventional items such as naval chains, kegs, heavy tires and much more.. All of these workout toys offers a different challenge. For example, due to the movement of a chain swinging you would need to recruit more stabilizer muscles and more core involvement for a more challenging workout.   You can find these kinds of workout toys at Amenzone DC Ranch
  • Add some cross training to your routine – Find a gym (Amenzone DC Ranch) that has a good mix of different classes (Body Weight, Boxing, Kickboxing and Functional training) and is constantly throwing a different routine at you.

Amenzone DC Ranch, which is located in North Scottsdale at the corner of Thompson Peak and Bell, specializes in all of this type of training! Want to give his tips a true test? Amenzone DC Ranch offers a free week to new users to really get the full experience!




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