Fitness Truth or Fitness Lie? Natural vs Steroid

Fitness Truth or Fitness Lie? From Amenzone Fitness DC Ranch


This is the first of a series of researched based fitness facts to educate you on the realities and expectations when working to achieve your fitness goals.

BUILDING MUSCLE – Natural vs Steroid

How much muscle can you build the natural way vs using steroids?

Many studies have been done (all with the same results). One of them was a 10 week study with a group of 43 men of normal body weight (Ages 19-40). All had the the same amount of weight training experience. All of their diets (calories, protein & nutrient intake) were standardized according to each person’s body weight were recorded, verified, and adjusted when needed. They followed the same supervised weight training program routine each week.


A – Training – Natural ONLY

B – Training and Taking 600mg of Testosterone weekly

C – Taking 600mg of Testosterone daily and NOT working out


A – Gained 4lbs of muscle

B – Gained 13lbs of muscle

C – Gained 7lbs of muscle.. Yes 7!

Gaining 20-25 lbs of muscle in 1 year is pretty darn impressive, but it is no comparison to gaining 3x that amount!

This article has been written especially for the young and impressionable minds of our youth! Using steroids at young ages will hurt your future health. Your body will shut down your natural production of testosterone forcing you later in life to have to supplement yourself with the hormone just to feel back to normal. This will happen at an age when you shouldn’t have to!

We don’t judge anybody by their choices, but we want people to know that at Amenzone DC RANCH we base our programs off of Fitness TRUTHS and not Fitness LIES. Come by and try a free consultation to reach your goals!

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-Lifted 8x his own body weight and a 5x National & State champion


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