barre3 North Scottsdale Opens Its Doors

barre3   Booty-kickin’ and booty-liftin’! In the most soft and delicate of dance-like movements, barre3 will make you work up a sweat like you wouldn’t believe. The new North Scottsdale location of this unique workout program opens it’s doors to renew the valley; not only physically, but in mind, body, and spirit.

They’re offering a week of free classes open to the public until Saturday, August 2nd.  Don’t miss this opportunity to invest in these incredible 60-minute concentrated ballet, yoga, and Pilates combination workouts.

When venturing into the class, don’t underestimate two things: A. The small and repetitive movements, and B. The power behind the lovely and petite instructors.The workout will make you work up a sweat and truly dig into the core of each muscle for a sincere burn. Even with the extreme muscle tearing, I didn’t leave the class, but I bounced away filled with a surprising amount of energy. Leaving in such a refreshed manner was a telling sign that I will definitely return to barre3. I highly recommend this this to both men and women of all athletic abilities.

When preparing for the class, I recommend brining:

-Plenty of water

-Stretch workout pants (past the knee)


-Socks (no need for shoes in the class)


-Creates fast total body sculpting results with long term postural benefits

-Relieves stress

-Increases flexibility and a natural flow within the body

-Keeps the heart rate up and builds stamina and endurance

-Includes personal coaching for better results

-Builds connections and community within motivating group

-Childcare available

Make sure to catch a class this week!

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