The Ballet Barre Craze

The Ballet Craze

The Ballet Craze

The fitness industry is always changing.   The search for the newest, most innovative workouts and equipment is always on.  Working out can become boring and monotonous, so the idea is if we do something different we will stay engaged and keep coming back for more.  Innovation also becomes very important for each gym to stay competitive.  The gym owner doesn’t want his or her gym to be out of the loop when it comes to what’s hot! Let’s face it, if you are moving, squatting, lunging, using your arms, raising your heart rate, it doesn’t really matter if you are boxing, dancing, or stepping, the results will be similar.  However, we are a nation that is fast moving and is always looking for the next best thing.


One of the latest crazes is Ballet Barre.  Now, I must say, I absolutely LOVE this workout, and I do think it is a keeper.  Ballet barre or Fit Barre, or Barre 3 or Pure Barre or any of the many Barre classes out there, are amazing for anyone.  It is a low impact workout that works the entire body.  It has great muscle toning components, focuses on posture, core and flexibility and also raises the heart rate.  It is an aerobic workout which is great for specifically burning fat, which most people want.  In addition, it brings us back to our childhood when dancing and moving was fun and not a chore.


Ballet barre classes vary from studio to studio, so finding the class that you enjoy may take some seeking out.  My barre class has a ton of ballet choreography so that you feel like you are actually in a dance class.  The best part about a studio barre class is that you don’t have to wear your hair in a bun or wear a black leotard with pink tights.  Moreover, there’s no classical ballet music.  This is just pure FUN! It doesn’t matter what your age is or your fitness level, everyone will enjoy!

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