Hot Body Secrets: Lucas James

Celebrity trainer Lucas James
Celebrity trainer Lucas James

There’s no magic pill for weight loss and 6-pack abs, but there are definitely people who have figured out a winning formula. Lucas James is one of those people. Yes, he’s got the goods, and as a local celebrity trainer, he’s helped countless others reach their hot body goals. Here, the 38-year old trainer and fitness model reveals his hot body secrets, including his secret weapons to avoid over-eating (hint: water and no TV)

Lucas James
Gym: Camelback Mountain

How to find a workout you love… Over the years my favorite workout has varied based on my goals. The key is finding a great workout that pushes you and doesn’t make you get too bored. My current favorite workout is doing 1-mile of lunges with 10lbs dumbbells. My initial goal was to finish under 60 minutes, but now I’m at 42 minutes. I lunge four laps around a track without stopping

How to eat healthy… Eating healthy is all about finding balance within your lifestyle. There is no perfect formula, so I advise to make small changes in your diet with healthy food substitutions or hire a Registered Dietitian to create a healthy meal plan. Personally, I pre-cook all my meals on Sunday and Wednesday because of my busy schedule. Most of the food I eat is 100% Certified Organic and consists of lean meats, quinoa, sweet potatoes, asparagus, kale, spinach, blueberries – and lots of mustard! My favorite treat to splurge on is cookie dough.

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How to avoid overeating… Overeating is common with everyone! I always try to drink 12 ounces of water before eating because it helps with digestion and triggers a full feeling. I also try to chew at least 20 times per bite because it helps prevent eating food too fast. If I’m starving, I try to fill up on vegetables too. Also, don’t watch the Food Network while eating a meal. That’s a one-way ticket to overeating.

How to tame trouble spots… I tame with my trouble spots with a pill. False. There are no exercises or pills that actually spot reduce fat on body parts. It’s all diet! Try doing full body workouts or HIIT to burn more calories and get better results. I’m tall and lean so my trouble spot is developing large mass on my chest. I’ve tried every workout imaginable. Everyone is always going to have a trouble spot, but my advice is always progress – not perfection.

How to stay motivated… My clients keep me motivated and so does great music! Also, I think it’s very important to establish short-term and long-term goals. So I make weekly and monthly goals to hold myself accountable so I don’t slack off. Music is also a passion of mine, so a great playlist always works for me.

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