Hot Body Secrets: Diana Mikolajewska

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Photo credit: Mike Byerly
Photo credit: Mike Byerly

I first met Diana Mikolajewska at the DC Ranch Village. She was working away on a cardio machine, and I was immediately struck by her focus – she does cardio like it’s a competition – and her awesome abs! I later found out that she’s a healthy lifestyle coach who’s as nutrition savvy as she is fitness wise. Here, Diana reveals all her hot body how-tos, including why you should sample a slew of different fitness classes and why a progress journal is key…

How to find a workout you love… Here’s the deal: try all sorts of group classes, from high intensity cardio ones to spinning and yoga. Doing exercises you don’t enjoy is like a crash diet… short lived! Also, don’t unwittingly push yourself too far, too soon which can be discouraging, physically painful, and cause you to stop exercising altogether. Be patient and results will come!

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Try a ton of workouts to find the one you love

How to eat healthy… Often times we don’t know where to start and feel overwhelmed. There are unlimited resources at your fingertips from weight-loss bloggers to fitness websites. If you’re feeling stressed, worried or have a question about something, reach out to someone for advice or hire a nutritionist.

How to avoid overeating… Personally, getting an adequate amount of sleep (7-8 hours) a night is the key to keeping cravings and anxiety at bay. People who don’t get enough sleep tend to binge, eat more, or don’t eat enough. It also helps to have a meal plan to follow. And plan your meals ahead so when hunger strikes you know exactly what to reach for.

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Switch up your routine for better body results

How to tame trouble spots… When you plan out your workout routine, make sure you train your trouble spots a couple of times a week until you develop the physique you want. Switch up your routine regularly, otherwise you’ll hit a plateau. It’s important to challenge your body regularly. And subscribe to the latest fitness magazines and really educate yourself on why you’re doing each exercise (some of my favorites are Oxygen and Women’s/Men’s Health).

How to stay motivated… Keep a progress journal as it will help track everything and keep you motivated. Instead of competing with others (recipe for failure!), be in competition with yourself by measuring your own personal victories.

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