5 Fitness Favorites: Roland Schoeman

Olympic Swimmer Roland Schoeman

Meet Roland Schoeman, a South African Olympic swimmer who lives 9 months of the year right here in the Valley. His claim to fame is a biggie: As well as winning 3 Olympic medals (a Gold, Silver and Bronze), he’s the current world record holder in the short-course 50 meter freestyle, with a time of 20.30 seconds. Nice! But he has his sights on something even bigger: After competing in the last four Summer Olympic games, he’s on the road to Rio. “No South African has ever been to 5 Olympics; I want to be the first, so yes Rio is definitely a goal of mine,” says Roland. Swimming started as a way to impress a girl, and has turned into something for the record books… and even the history books. Here, the Olympian shares his 5 local fitness favorites…

Favorite time to workout…
I often train twice a day, so I’ve gotten into the routine of training in the morning as well as in the afternoons. The training sessions vary daily, but include and aren’t limited to swimming, weight training and yoga.

Favorite workout…
An essential part of swimming (sprinting) is power and speed. A couple times a week I’ll go straight from the weight room into the pool for 12 to 25-yard all-out sprints We will try to add in various equipment: T-shirts, tennis balls, sprint swimming fins, hand paddles and my favorite is called a Power Tower – you fill big buckets up with water and sprint against it. It’s designed to help improve speed and power. I, however, have a new found love for Spear Fishing; I’d like to spend a little more time anywhere I can practice this  🙂

Olympic Swimmer Roland Schoeman

Favorite local trainer/coach…
My coaches here in Phoenix are Herbie Behm and Garret McCaffey at the Phoenix Swim Club. I’m fortunate that I’ve got a good partnership going with them and we’re all motivated to be successful in Rio. My strength and conditioning coach is Nick Folker who owns BridgeAthletic. He’s a former Olympic Swimmer and has worked with greats like Nathan Adrian, Natalie Coughlin etc.

Favorite local restaurant…
ChopShop without a doubt. I’ll typically get a Power Green Juice and a Tri-Tip Protein Bowl.

Favorite Workout tool…
Seeing as how it’s 5 Fitness Favorites, I’ve include my top 5:
1) My Adidas adiStar Weightlifting Shoes – Helps for a better force transfer when doing Olympic lifts

2) Power Tower – Helps develop speed and power in the water

3) Go Pro Hero – To film underwater and technique in the gym

4) Sprint Swimming Fins – Develops leg strength and helps me work on speed training

5) Musceltrac Sport massage roller – One of the best recovery tools to help me relieve sore muscles


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