5 Fitness Favorites: Nikki Metzger

Nikki Metzger, Nike Master Trainer and owner of BODI
Nikki Metzger, Nike Master Trainer and owner of BODI

Boutique gyms are all the rage (better workouts, better results!), and Old Town Scottsdale has a new one: BODI. Heck, it just opened and it’s already been named one of “The Best Boutique Gyms in America” by Details magazine. The gal behind BODI (pronounced “body”) is Nikki Metzger, an instructor that lives up to her hype. One of only 8 Nike Master Trainers in the country, Nikki came to the Valley via Chicago where she was known for her results-driven workouts. BODI is no different. The back-to-basics gym has dumbbells, kettlebells and battleropes aplenty and two HIIT classes on the menu: SWEAT and STRENGTH. Both promise one heck of a workout and deliver results BIG TIME. So what does Nikki love about living in Scottsdale: “The weather, the sunshine, the mountains and the sunsets! Oh, and happy hour!” Here, the workout phenom shares all her fit favorites…

Favorite time to workout…
Late AM – 10am. It’s not too early and not too late. Haha! Plus It’s one of the only times I have to workout between teaching classes and writing workouts.

Favorite workout…
The high intensity workouts I create at BODI. They leave you dripping in sweat and feeling awesome. The workouts are never the same and you get to use everything from dumbbells, tires, battleropes, TRX, kettlebells, plyo-boxes, agility ladders, bosus, equalizers and more!

Nikki Metzger
Nikki Metzger

Favorite local restaurant…
Oh wow, this is a tough one! I love Geisha A Go Go and my go-to rolls have been the Astroboy, Geisha A Go Go & Dragonball. However, I’m obsessed with tacos (my husband and I go to Taco Tuesday EVERY Tuesday and usually eat them on the weekends too!). Barrio Queen, Distrito, El Hefe & Salty Senoritas are my go-to taco joints.

Favorite local juice bar…
Kaleidoscope! There are a few things I order on the regular: Anton’s Spinach for Juice, Bullet Proof Coffee & the Immortal Machine Protein Shake!

Favorite workout wear…
I’m a Nike girl all the way! Look like a badass, train like a badass ;

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