5 Fitness Favorites: Nicole Deacon

Nicole Deacon, owner/instructor Bikram Yoga Paradise Valley
Nicole Deacon, owner/instructor Bikram Yoga Paradise Valley
Nicole Deacon, owner/instructor Bikram Yoga Paradise Valley

Nicole Deacon took her first Bikram Yoga class in 1995. She was instantly hooked. “It was something that impacted me physically, mentally and emotionally,” says Nicole. A collegiate golfer, Nicole went on to earn her degree in business — and Bikram helped her through it all. Soon after graduating, she went on to Bikram Teacher Training and has owned Bikram Yoga Paradise Valley since June of 2006. “I knew I wanted to become a Bikram teacher, and opening the studio allowed me to share the yoga with as many people as possible,” she says.  Here Nicole shares all her local fitness faves, from her workout wear of choice to her top golf course…

Favorite calorie-burner…
I teach Bikram Yoga because it’s my favorite way to work out! It’s a great calorie-burner, and always leaves me feeling refreshed, re-energized and ready for anything!

Favorite workout wear…
I love La La Land Comfy Wear’s Super Lite Capri pants. They have so many colorful prints to choose from, and they make my workouts in the hot yoga room more comfortable and fun!

Favorite fitness instructor…
There are so many great fitness instructors in the Valley to choose from! This is like having to choose my favorite flavor of ice cream — can’t do it!

Favorite local golf course…
Papago Golf Course. I grew up playing there since I was a kid; the greens are always in good condition, and I prefer a more traditional tree-lined course. This course also has beautiful views of the Papago Buttes.

Favorite way to unwind…
My recent obsession comes from the creators of Roaring Fork; it’s the newly opened Salty Sow on Cactus just east of Tatum Blvd. They have a great patio and happy hour — and delicious slow-cooked food!

That's N Sync!
That’s N Sync!



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