5 Fitness Favorites: Kat Hurd

Kat Hurd from The Bachelor
Kat Hurd from The Bachelor
Kat Hurd from The Bachelor

Monday is Bachelor day! I’m cheering for Kat Hurd BIG TIME! Not only is she a local gal and former Suns dancer, she’s an instructor at Karve Southbridge – so she’s SUPER fit. Oh, and did I mention she has a double degree in Dance and Athletic Training and a Masters in Exercise Science? So a smarty pants too! I just took her booty-lifting, muscle-burning class at Karve and she’s just as adorable and genuine in real life as she is on TV. Here, Kat spills on all her fitness faves, from the workout that’s changed her body the most to her go-to fitness gear…

Favorite time to workout…
I’m definitely a morning workout girl. I like to get my workout in and be able to start my day feeling strong!

Favorite workout…
Barre!! Barre fitness has changed my body in a way that nothing else has before. And I love pushing my muscles to the point of pure fatigue! If you’ve never tried it before, come take my class at Karve Studio in Old Town Scottsdale!

Favorite local instructor…
Tara Sullivan at Karve Studio. She’s the best barre instructor in Scottsdale, hands down (other than myself, of course! 😉 )

Favorite juice bar…
I LOVE Juice Core. They’re right across from Karve’s Old Town Scottsdale location, which makes it super convenient. And their ‘Skinny Genes’ juice is my go-to!

Favorite workout wear…
I absolutely love Zella (Nordstrom’s activewear line). Their “Live In Leggings” are SO comfortable and they withstand my daily teaching and workout schedule. Plus, their stuff is stylish, cute and can easily be worn outside the studio!

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