5 Fitness Favorites: Andi and Steve Rosenstein

Steve & Andi hit it off!
Steve & Andi hit it off!
Steve & Andi hit it off!

Andi and Steve Rosenstein are all about reinvention. After leaving Chicago, they moved to the Valley and opened The Duce in 2010, a bar-eatery-gym-shop housed in a 1928 downtown warehouse that takes up almost an entire city block. It’s a combo of everything Steve and Andi love: great food that you can tell has a lot of love mixed in, fresh cocktails, back to basics fitness and cool clothing all in an unpretentious setting. The kick-back clothing displayed is Steve and Andi’s very own line, R&R Surplus, a follow-up to their Fitigues which they sold to Chico’s. The R&R stands for their names, and also rest and relax… and reclaimed and re-issued. Here, Andi divulges all her fit faves, from her favorite workout partners (they have 4 legs) to her top spot for grub in the Valley.

Favorite way to burn calories
We moved out here from Chicago in 2001. Prior to arriving here, I burnt calories the way most of us Chicagoans did: drive to the indoor health club, get on an awful treadmill, do an indoor class of some sort, etc. I love to run but back there it was often too chilly to run along the lake… so began the dreaded treadmill. Once we got to Phoenix, I began hiking and trail running (I take my two labs Ozzie and Lou with me) and its heaven!!

Favorite trainer
I’m bias, but I really believe my hubby is one of the Valley’s best trainers. He’s an old school, no-nonsense ex collegiate wrestler and he trains everyone from kids to seniors to Iron men (and women) and every other level of fitness enthusiast. He makes it super challenging, but keeps it fun because he actually does it for fun.

Favorite healthy restaurant
I actually am not a health food nut. I created our whole menu at The Duce and I use organic ingredients whenever, wherever possible. My favorite healthy spot is probably Gallo Blanco downtown.

Favorite fit travel destination
…our home on Lake Michigan in Harbert, Michigan: Long runs on the beach, long bike rides in farm country and Steve kicking my butt in his gym above our garage!

Favorite way to de-stress
…is our daily (evening) ritual. We live on the 8th fairway of DC Ranch country club. Every eve around sundown we pour ourselves a glass of wine and go walk a bunch of holes with Oz and Lou!

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