Fabulous Tips to Help You Stay Committed to Fitness


Guest Writer: Anna Saenz

Too many a times we find ourselves struggling to find a way to simply say no to our unhealthy eating habits.  A strong connection with your mind and your body is essential.

The very first steps to starting a new, healthy you aren’t setting up a food plan.  It actually starts with you realizing that you have a body that your mind has to communicate with.  We live in an environment where, unfortunately, we are addicted to processed sugars. Our bodies now crave it and have to learn to function without it – even if  its pretty much poison for us.  Featured below are four easy tips that have will tremendously help you stay committed to staying fit and healthy!

1. Meditation

This is simply waking up in the morning, going to a place where it’s quiet and you can feel at peace. Simply breath. You are starting to be aware of your body. Your mind is in control, not your body. You feel a sense of well-being and happiness. Tell yourself that today is a new day, your body is the greatest machine ever made, and that today you will only fuel it with supreme fuel!

Meditate daily! Watch how slowly-but-surely your are reprograming your brain to know that your mind is in control; Your body will listen to your mind, and your mind is determined to eat healthier.

2. Yoga

Yoga helps you truly live in the present. It helps you strengthen your control over your body to another level! Is this what a Jedi feels like? You bet! Another benefit of yoga is that it teaches you the astonishing results of staying consistent with something. At first, a pose might seem impossible, but if you practice every day you will get closer to nailing it! The day you get that pose to the T you realized it took you babysteps but it was your daily practice that got you there. Think of it as an excersise for your brain. Remember you have to reprogram it, so by thinking and acting consistently, your are literally recoding and unconsciously strengthing the part of your brain that is your sense of self control.

3. Read

There are many resources that talk about this subject that get more detailed and are so interesting. Undestanding how our body works is going to be your best tool for any type of change you want to make. I recommend the book “Reinventing The Body, Resurrecting the Soul” by Deepak Chopra. You discover what an amazing being you are! You discover how, for the longest time, you walked around not having any connection with your body and mind and now understand why you will always fail on your attempts to eat healthier.  It’s so much deeper than you will ever imagine, yet it is so simple to do once you recode your way of thinking.

4.  Look at the Big Picture

When meditating every morning think of what your goals are. Make sure to have a crystal clear vision of what you want to achieve. This is another excersise that will not only help you with your eating habits, but it will also help with your overall self. Staying committeted to something much bigger than instant gratification will get you far! You, again, are unconsciously sending different thinking waves to your brain. You are coding your brain to feel a sense of reward for saying “no” to temptations and therefore building a stronger self control. You will smile when you say “no” to sugar and make yourself a nutritious smoothie instead! Take that moment when you decided to pick a healthier alternative and really let it soak in! Tell yourself how amazing it is that your are picking the right elite fuel for your jedi like body! Tell your body that you are happy that you made that choice! Focus on the positive of staying on track!

Life is a beautiful and the wonders our bodies can do are out of this world. When the mind is the captain of this amazing machine, you can travel anywhere and be limitless. Start today!


This article was written by Anna Saenz, featured above. 

For more from Anna, check out @annachiri www.chiribliss.blogspot.com

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