12 Days of (FREE) Fitness

‘Tis the season to _______? If you said gain weight, you’re wrong, wrong, wrong. Yes, common wisdom tells us that all that holiday indulging can give us a little more junk in the Xmas trunk, but I say it’s time to rewrite the holidays. ‘Tis the season to get fit! No way am I letting my workouts fall to the wayside and I have a foolproof plan to make sure that doesn’t happen. I’ve drafted up a workout schedule (all FREE!) so that I stay on track — and I’ve dubbed it my “12 Days of Fitness.” There is method behind my planning… having it all in front of me in black and white keeps me accountable. Time to mark your calendars!

12 Days of Fitness
DAY 1: Dec 22 (Saturday) – Play Sand Volleyball!

DAY 2: Dec 23 (Sunday) – Lululemon Scottsdale Quarter Sunday Yoga with Katie Magna at 10:30am (plus treats provided by She Bakes!)

DAY 3: Dec 24 (Monday) – Phenomenal Flow with Gina Marciano at 9:30am at The Madison Improvement Club (first class is free!)

DAY 4: Dec 25 (Tuesday) – Play Sand Volleyball!

DAY 5: Dec 26 (Wednesday) – “Boxing with Amen” at Lululemon Scottsdale Quarter at 8:15am, the kickoff to AmenZone’s Training for Life Tour!

DAY 6: Dec 27 (Thursday) – iRun Group Happy Hour Run at 5:30pm (run starts from the store at 48th Street and Indian School)

DAY 7: Dec 28 (Friday) – Hike Piestewa (AKA: Squak) Peak

DAY 8: Dec 29 (Saturday) – Sole Sports Scottsdale Group Run at 6am (typically 6-10 miles on the Arizona Canal)

DAY 9: Dec 30 (Sunday) at 10:30am – Sutra Midtown New Year’s Intentions Class in Coronado Park (free!)

DAY 10: Dec 31 (Monday) – Go for a bike ride

DAY 11: Jan 1 (Tuesday) – Hike Camelback!

DAY 12: Jan 2 (Wednesday) – Runner’s Den group run at 6pm (distance varies from 4-6 miles)

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