Elevate Jane Smoke Shop Heightens the Cannabis Experience

Elevate Jane, a contemporary smoke shop specializing in functional art: pipes, bongs, joint holders, and one-of-a-kind vintage smoking accessory sets. Below are an array of options that everyone in your circle will love:

Exclusively at Elevate Jane:

Elevate Jane bong, Mimihttps://www.elevatejane.com/products/mimi

Our first and only Elevate Jane piece… a perfectly sized, high-functioning bong. It’s both aesthetically pleasing, suited for coffee table decor, yet properly rips. A thoughtfully designed adult bong. 

Set of Ceramic Mustard Pipes – https://www.elevatejane.com/collections/ceramic/products/dos-mustards – An exclusive color made just for us by Miwak Junior, these ceramic pieces have an amazing ergonomic fit in your hand, the matte ceramic is velvety smooth, and the large, hollow, round chamber swirls the smoke around to give you some of the smoothest hits ever.

Amber Lady Figure Joint Holderhttps://www.elevatejane.com/collections/lady – Handblown glass joint holders in the shape of a woman’s body… lips, nipples, privates are accented with 22k gold.

The ultimate in joint accessories for someone amazing in your life. Amber glass available exclusively at Elevate Jane.

Glass Joint Holderhttps://www.elevatejane.com/collections/glass-j-holders

Almost all cannabis consumers smoke joints, and every joint is elevated when smoking with a glass joint holder. They stretch and cool every hit, and you feel like a badass holding and smoking with this special piece. 

Elevate Jane Rolling Papers – https://www.elevatejane.com/collections/et-cetera/products/elevate-jane-rolling-papers – Their signature rolling papers. An XL pack of king size hemp papers with a chic design and magnet clasp.

For The Home 

Vintage Ashtray Sethttps://www.elevatejane.com/collections/vintage-sets Curated vintage smoking accessories (ashtrays, rolling trays, stash boxes + more) paired with brand-new joint holders, pipes, and accessories from our shop.

New vintage sets are released on Sundays (check website or @elevatejane on Instagram for details about the next drop)

Broccoli Bundle – two issues of art-driven cannabis print magazine, Broccoli, and a set of their 9 beautifully shot XL postcards… mail them to friends to say hi or frame + hang them in your home.

The Fancy Smoker

Ceramic Rolling Tray + Lady Figure Joint Holder – https://www.elevatejane.com/collections/ceramic-rolling-tray-set

Custom ceramic rolling trays for us are intentionally designed with a divot to rest a Lady Figure Joint Holder in. It’s handmade and painted with the trippiest, prettiest iridescent rainbow glaze, and perfectly paired with your choice of a Pink or Teal Lady Joint Holder. 

Crystal Pipehttps://www.elevatejane.com/collections/crystals

A beautiful and meaningful gift for that special couple in your life. We recommend rose quartz (love) or labradorite (transformation), but choose what’s best for the newlyweds.

Each crystal carries its own metaphysical + healing properties and will concentrate energy towards an intention. They are available by email and Instagram DM to make crystal recommendations!

For Those Who Love The Munchies

  • Wake + Baconhttps://www.elevatejane.com/products/wake-bacon – Handmade from thick, sturdy glass, the egg bowl is fitted out with a side of crispy bacon, whose waves are perfectly ergonomic to hold in your left hand – it exemplifies thoughtful + funky design! A perfect gift for your favorite brunch partner.
  • Sushi Pipes –  https://www.elevatejane.com/collections/sushi-pipes – The most adorable pipes for sushi lovers. The attention to detail is incredible… from every grain of rice that is handblown, to the salmon fat marbling on the nigiri, and each cucumber spear in the handroll, they’re meticulously made works of functional art. 
  • Avocado Pipehttps://www.elevatejane.com/collections/glass/products/avocado – As if the avocado could get any better! It’s California’s favorite agricultural product for California’s other favorite agricultural product :). The ultra-realistic bumpy skin feels so much like avocado skin, and the chartreuse colored glass is reminiscent of actual avocado flesh. 
  • All food pipes herehttps://www.elevatejane.com/collections/munchies 

For more information, please visit: https://www.elevatejane.com/

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