Vext Science and SōRSE Technology Launch MAJOR, a Cannabis-Infused Beverage into Arizona

Vext Science, Inc., a cannabinoid brand leader based in Arizona, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) with SōRSE Technology Corp. (“SōRSE”) to exclusively produce and sell SōRSE’s MAJOR cannabis-infused beverages in Arizona.

SōRSE is a leader in water-soluble emulsion technology for integrating functional ingredients into commercially available consumer packaged goods.

John Kueber, Chief Revenue Officer for SōRSE, manages all SōRSE business development initiatives nationally and internationally and leads the business team.

With over 20 years of experience, he is vital in developing brands, building companies, and launching new technologies. 

Recently, SōRSE has focused on several domestic THC initiatives in Colorado, California, Washington, and Arizona. SōRSE, after years and research and millions of dollars of investment, has formulated a water-soluble emulsion technology that allows high-grade THC to be mixed in a liquid medium. 

Much like an Italian salad dressing that will separate after a few hours of use, it isn’t easy to place THC into liquids. Figuring out the perfect balance between water-soluble oils is highly complicated. It is why there are very few THC soda and beverage brands on the market and in dispensaries worldwide. 

However, SōRSE’s latest venture is bringing MAJOR, a 100mg cannabis-infused beverage, to the Arizona market with the help of VEXT Science. 

Vext Science is a well-established U.S. cannabis operator based in Arizona. In Arizona, Vext operates two dispensaries in Phoenix, and its in-house “Vapen” brand is stocked by the vast majority of third-party dispensaries in the state.

After recently signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Vext Science and SōRSE Technology Corp, Vext Science can now handle the day-to-day packaging, storage, and distribution of the SōRSE water-soluble ingredient. 

MAJOR is designed as a high-dose THC beverage that delivers a consistent and enjoyable cannabis experience with no cannabis taste or smell. MAJOR is available in five flavors: Orange Mango, Pink Lemonade, Blue Raspberry, Passion Fruit, and Grape. MAJOR beverages are offered in 200ml serving sizes, with 100mg of THC.

What is excellent about a product like MAJOR and other cannabis beverages is the social experience behind it all. While some may choose to have an alcoholic beverage to drink socially, others can now choose to sip on a cannabis-infused drink.

It allows individuals to microdose and control the experience that they want to achieve. And for those who don’t like to smoke or eat an edible, there is another option. 

John Kueber, Chief Revenue Officer for SōRSE

MAJOR, the cannabis-infused beverage, is set to hit the shelves of Arizona dispensaries within the next few weeks.

For more information on MAJOR or to find a location, visit their website.

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