Cannabinoids, Cosmetics, and Why CBD is Only the Beginning

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Now that Cannabis is legal here in the state of Arizona, I’ve noticed such a surge in “CBD” products on the shelves of department stores and even gas stations. Granted, CBD has been legal for many years, new research on the Cannabis plant is underway due to its legality.

This has led scientists and researchers to find even more useful compounds in the Cannabis plant that aid in human health, wellness, and beauty! This interview showcases that research and how CBD is not the only thing we need to be adding into our beauty regiments.

Hi there, please introduce yourself and your background in the Hemp industry: 

I am Dennis O’Neill, the President of BioMediCan, a biotech startup company developed that has a unique patented method of producing pharmaceutical-grade, 100% organic, non-GMO rare cannabinoids, including CBG, CBGA, THCV, THCVA, CBN, CBNA, and high-value compounds using a proprietary organic biosynthesis platform at 70-90% lower cost than conventional methods.

I have 25 years of investment banking experience. In my lifetime, I have raised more than $2bnl in early-stage capital. I have been involved in more than a dozen biotech companies and realized that there were significant medical benefits for multiple health conditions treated with cannabinoids. 

Have brands been using CBD and other Hemp compounds in beauty products for a while now, or is it a relatively new concept? 

It is a relatively new product category. There have been a few in the market for a couple of years, but it has not had significant traction yet. 

I know within the last decade or so, researchers have finally performed proper experiments with Hemp and Cannabinoids legally. Still, are there other compounds besides CBD that are great for skin, hair, etc.? 

The breakthrough for skincare and haircare is CBG. CBG is considered the mother of all cannabinoids because it is the cannabinoid all other cannabinoids are derived from. CBD/CBG has significant benefits for hair care.

Does the endocannabinoid system have anything to do with hair and beauty products? Can we absorb these compounds topically/externally?

There are cannabinoid receptors all over your skin. In every layer of it, including the skin’s surface (epidermis), oil glands (sebaceous glands), hair follicles, nerves, immune cells, and subcutaneous fat. Because of this, cannabis skincare can aid in the healing of at least 14 common skin issues:

  1. Acne
  2. Inflammation
  3. Oxidation 
  4. Aging
  5. Hydration
  6. Dry skin
  7. Oily
  8. Redness
  9. Tone
  10. Firmness
  11. Itchiness
  12. Immune response
  13. Environmental damage
  14. Hair growth


I have seen TONS of beauty products lately boom with the “CBD” trend, but are cannabinoids also great for our hair follicles?

Hair fall becomes a problem when your hair does not grow back at the same rate as you lose it, causing thinning and bald spots. Several factors could restrict your hair growth, such as lack of nutrients, dandruff, or chemical deposits. As such, combatting hair loss requires an ingredient that can act upon these underlying causes to promote hair growth. Many people dream of enjoying thick and luscious hair, and this might be possible to use a CBD oil with your regular hair care regimen.

CBD oil brims with the goodness of omega fatty acids that seal moisture in the hair and nourishes the cuticles. According to a recent study on the inhibition of human hair follicle growth by endo-massaging the scalp with the oil soothes the dryness on the scalp by absorbing the nutrients and promoting hair growth, according to a recent study on the inhibition of human hair follicle growth exocannabinoids.

Another way in which CBD oil can benefit hair growth is by improving blood circulation. Improved blood flow in the area near hair follicles encourages the development and strengthening of your hair. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system to elevate cerebral blood circulation, resulting in nutrients reaching the hair for good growth. It also detoxes the hair from harmful chemical deposits and dust particles to promote growth.

It is essential to ensure you are purchasing high-quality and authentic CBD, from a brand such as CBDfx dispensaries, where the products have been lab-tested. Combining CBD with a potent carrier oil can help achieve healthy hair growth and beautiful-looking locks.

It Treats Scalp Conditions

CBD has potent anti-inflammatory properties that aid in soothing inflammation on the scalp, for example, like eczema. The irritation and patchy flaking of the skin in the scalp can affect hair growth and lead to premature baldness in serious cases. The cannabinoid receptors present on the scalp interact with CBD oil to regulate the functioning of the immune system. It calms skin inflammation in these areas and decreases hair loss. Similar effects are also visible while treating conditions such as psoriasis or folliculitis.

The interaction of CBD influences the natural sebum or oil levels in the scalp that reduces problems such as dandruff and dry scalp. It also has antimicrobial properties that reduce the risk of scalp infections, which cause dandruff. It heals the flaky patches in the scalp and ensures good scalp health. Also, the deposit of hair products such as conditioners, hair spray, can cause an imbalance in the pH level and increase hair loss. CBD oil has cleansing properties that eliminate deposits and particles from the scalp to stimulate hair growth.

It Treats Hormonal and Stress Induced Hair Loss

Hormonal fluctuations and stress are some of the most common reasons for hair loss. Women going through pregnancy or menopause witness drastic fluctuations in hormone levels that could cause hair fall. The common hormone DHT is responsible for causing receding hairlines. External treatments alone cannot help you cope with such problems, and that is where CBD oil can help. CBD interacts with several receptors that control the hormone regulation functions in the body.

The cannabinoid can work to achieve hormonal balance to aid in coping with hair fall and stimulating hair growth. Similarly, stress can have an intense impact on your scalp health and overall nutrient availability for hair growth. It can also influence hormone fluctuations and further the problem.

CBD has powerful anti-anxiety and anti-stress benefits that aid in creating feelings of calm and relaxation. It balances stress levels in the body and in turn keeps the chemicals responsible for hair growth at the right levels to give you gorgeous hair.

It Prevents Hair Damage and Breakage

Exposure to dust, pollution, and UV radiation damages the very building blocks of your hair and skin. With time, your hair loses its charm and starts looking dull and lifeless. Environmental factors paired with poor lifestyle choices can have an intense impact on the overall health of your hair. Styling tools and products further damage the integrity of your hair follicles, leaving them damaged and weak.

CBD oil is one of the best solutions to repair damaged hair and restore its beauty. It features a potent moisturizing property that can help treat dry and lifeless hair and smoothens texture and creates a better appearance.

CBD oil also acts upon the scalp to cleanse deposits of chemicals that could block the hair from growing properly. It strengthens the roots by providing the necessary nutrients such as calcium and iron for healthy hair growth. The antioxidants from the oil can help protect it from environmental damage and repair the breakage. It even protects the hair from suffering water loss by keeping it well hydrated and nourished, even in harsh weather conditions.


Cannabigerol (CBG) has three major benefits to your skin – CBG is highly anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant. Our bodies naturally contain the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which essentially works to keep everything in balance. Relating to your skin, the endocannabinoid system helps maintain healthy skin function.

CBG works with the CB1 and CB2 endocannabinoid receptors, which are in the skin. Once CBG enters the epidermis (skin), it penetrates to the basal and subcutaneous layers where it helps calm inflammation, reduces blemishes, purifies pores, balances sebum (oil) production and assists with cellular turnover. 

What is astaxanthin? And what are the benefits of this compound?

BioKai is the new company name under which we are selling Astaxanthin. 

Astaxanthin is an increasingly popular carotenoid. It occurs naturally in certain algae and runs the color gamut from red to pink. Some astaxanthin can also be found in specific seafood types. Astaxanthin is currently one of the most talked-about carotenoids, a class of reddish-pink pigments found naturally in algae, and in salmon, crabs, shrimp, lobster, and other seafood. It is also what gives the feathers of the flamingo that beautiful pink coloration.

Carotenoids have a colorful and fascinating history, having been researched since the early 1800s. Astaxanthin belongs to the Xanthophylls subgroup of carotenoids, with the famous carotenes like lycopene, alpha-carotene, and beta-carotene being the other subclass.

Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant, which is the overarching property behind its several health benefits. What that means is that it naturally reduces oxidation, a biological process that helps keep many health issues and conditions at bay.

Oxidative stress is a condition that arises when the balance between free radicals and antioxidants in the body tips towards the former. Too many radicals are responsible for many cases of inflammation in the body.

Astaxanthin can help curb oxidative stress in several parts of the body by neutralizing free radicals. This is the holy grail in the way antioxidants help prevent disease.

By the same token, astaxanthin might play a key role in many body changes and disease. These include:

Cancer treatment: Owing to its antioxidant properties, a growing number of studies have shown that astaxanthin may help treat several cancers, most notably breast cancer, prostate cancer, and leukemia. Further research is still needed, though.

Skin care and UV protection: A handful of studies have revealed that the antioxidant can slow down the photoaging process and prevent UV-induced cancer damage.

Ulcers: Astaxanthin help control ulcer-causing bacteria, H. pylori. By doing so, it allows ulcer wounds to heal faster and prevent a recurrence.

Heart disease prevention: Astaxanthin plays a role in reducing high cholesterol, increasing blood flow, and relaxing blood vessels. The combination of the three positive effects results in a healthy heart.

On a similar note, astaxanthin helps with heart damage repair. It prevents unwanted changes to the endothelium, protecting the walls and arteries in the heart. It also allows damaged heart cells to regenerate.

It helps curb oxidative stress in the brain. This plays an important role in treating and managing brain-related and neurodegenerative disorders including traumatic brain injury, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease.

Treating male infertility: Increased sperm oxidative stress has been associated with low fertility or infertility in men. As an antioxidant, astaxanthin helps nib this in the bud.

Helps with exercise-related fatigue: Astaxanthin encourages the body to take advantage of its own supply of fatty lipids, which improves exercise endurance, stamina, and muscle fatigue during and after exercising.

Reduces high cholesterol: Its action on oxidative stress in the blood can help reduce high blood pressure, improve heart health, prevent diabetes, and decrease the risk of brain damage from stroke.

It is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent 6000times stronger than vitamin C. Astaxanthin has been found to possess plenty of anti-inflammatory properties.

This may come in handy as a treatment option for conditions and diseases that involve inflammation, including bacterial inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis, several types of cancer, and carpal tunnel syndrome, just to mention a few.

While further and more conclusive research must be conducted to establish firmly these health benefits and claims, you can rest assured that astaxanthin is best for you by virtue of being an antioxidant.

What should consumers look out for when purchasing CBD beauty and hair products? 

Independent testing that the products have been third-party tested and validated. For skincare, there is a high concentration of CBG in the formula. When researching products for hair care, make sure you look for high concentrations of CBD. Do your research of specific brands and formulations.

There are a lot of products out there that using minimal amounts of active ingredients.


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