Scottsdale Based DJ Management Company Announces Merger

Yesterday, August 1st 2012, the Scottsdale based DJ management company Blue Moon Management announced a corporate merger with the San Diego based Sleeping Giant Music, creating a new “force to be reckoned with” in the dance music industry. The merger encompasses some of the most influential taste- makers in the industry and will broaden operations worldwide. The scope of bookings will have no limitations to its capacity with Clubs, Venues, Festivals, Tours, and Private Events sweeping across the globe. Sleeping Giant Music’s President Freddie Harb, Vice President and Co-Owner Mike Beltran, and Troy Gilmore President of Blue Moon Management were instrumental in coming together to ultimately implement this joint venture.

“Merging both companies will allot the best of both worlds by enabling us to expand our internal operations while furthering artist development onto a global scale. Our artists and clients alike will receive the best service possible while maintaining our brand positioning as industry professionals” marks Freddie Harb, President of Sleeping Giant Music.

Reflecting on the merger, Troy Gilmore, CEO of Blue Moon Management, states, “As industry professionals we realize that teaming up to provide additional services and capabilities to our current and future clients will serve as a large benefit as we both strive to achieve our goal of developing the premier music agency in the industry.”

The new Sleeping Giant Music will be the home of some of EDM’s most talented and respected DJs. Some of these top names include George Acosta, Kristina Sky, Saeed Younan, D:Fuse, Scooter and Lavelle Dupree.

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The merger enables strategic partnerships with other key players in the industry such as Skam Artist, AM Only, APA Talent, Unknown World, and Twenty Four Seven Management, which add to the impressive positioning of the merger. Mike Beltran adds, “This merger will instantaneously launch Sleeping Giant Music from a regional agency to a national agency over night. With the integration of everything both organizations bring to the table there really is no ground we won’t be able to cover – the possibilities are endless”.


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