Local Legends: Jen Jones


by: Amanda Savage

This week AFM spot-lights local legend, DJ and producer Jen Jones. Jones dishes on her new show on Electric Playlist and talks Olive Garden and rock ’n’ roll.

AFM: Let’s start with some ice breakers, what are you doing right now?
Jones: I’m packing to head back home to Australia for the next couple of weeks, I just wrapped up my mix that was the top ten songs of April.

AFM: What’s the last song you listened to, besides your own?
Jones: Krewella – Alive! Love that song!

AFM: What city are you living in?
Jones: I’m currently living in Phoenix, Arizona via Melbourne, Australia.

AFM: What’s your favorite place to eat? Or favorite local menu item, or both!
Jones: My favorite restaurant hands down is Olive Garden! City Hall’s has my favorite local item, Lobster Mash potatoes! YUM!

AFM: Best place to have a beer? Or cocktail if that’s more your thing?
Jones: Kazimierz in Old Town is my favorite place to have a nice glass of wine!


AFM: Let’s get into some music questions, who are some of your favorite producers at the moment?
Jones: As of right now I am so impressed with the work coming from Major Lazer! NASA has been putting out some really good remixes and Krewella has one of my favorite songs out right now.

AFM: If you could tour with three other DJs, who would they be?
Jones: Diplo, A Trak and Calvin Harris!

AFM: What’s your dream venue to play at?
Jones: To be honest, its not the venue that matters to me. It would be a music festival like Tomorrowland!

AFM: What was your first music love? Or were you always into EDM? How does your past music experience impact the DJ you are today?
Jones: I’m the youngest in my family so growing up I was influenced from my Father who plays in a Rock Band, and constantly listen to old school Rock like Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, ACDC, Status Quo. I could go on for days! My old brother was a DJ and loved 90’s house music and hip-hop, he also played in a band and would do a lot of cover songs from Metallica, Nirvana and Green Day . My sister loved the hard trance and Grunge music. I listened to it all and loved it all. Oddly enough I loved RnB and hip-hop, but where I am from rock and house music are the genre’s that are played on the radio and dominate the charts. My love for EDM comes from me being a DJ. It’s fun to play. I love explosive beats with long build ups and break downs!


AFM: What about the music you create? Would you say that you have a distinct sound? Is it something that just happened or something you chose and aspired for?
Jones: I’m an open format DJ and as a producer I would like to be known as that too. I look at guys like Kayne West because he doesn’t necessarily sound like your typical hip hop producer. He has fused different instruments and samples together that weren’t traditionally used in Hip Hop and changed how other producers made their songs. You cant be afraid to take chances, I want to be able to have 5 extremely different songs and that is what myself and Alpha1 are currently working on.

AFM: What are your credentials? 
Jones: I’ve played at most of the clubs in the Valley last year, Mint, Axis-Radius, Smashboxx, Martini Ranch, Spanish Fly, and Myst. I started 2013 off by spinning for channel 12News coverage of the Golden Globes. I played at the Lounge 88 and Beachers Madhouse party Super Bowl Party at the W in New Orleans. I also DJ events for Macy’s and Make-A-Wish Foundation. I now have my own segment on Electric Playlist.com, Pink Friday’s,  that launches Friday May 24th.


AFM: Any big plans for 2013? Tour, shows, etc.?
Jones: I am so excited to launch my segment Pink Friday’s on May 24th at Electric Playlist.com! I am currently concentrating on producing original tracks with Alpha1 these next couple of months. and then start our tour promoting our tracks!

My next big event is my Birthday Party at The Mint AZ on Sunday May 26th. I am hosting the event and streaming LIVE to Electric Playlist.com! This event is completely catered to the ladies and will be the place to be on that night in Scottsdale! We have it all that night and plan on doing it very big, so please consider this as your invite to help me celebrate! =)

AFM: Tell me more about the radio show? What should people know about it? Why should they listen? What’s it going to sound like?
Jones: It’s an online radio station that streams 24 hours a day and I will have my own segment called Pink Friday’s that will run 8 p.m. -10 p.m. PST and will feature DJs from all over the world, giving you their exclusive new mixes. During the segment you will be up-to-date with EDM news, rumors and new music! Electric Playlist.com creates a nightclub atmosphere in your home! We can stream LIVE from any major event locally, nationally and soon globally!

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