Everything You Need To Know About Wet Electric!

Courtesy of Wet Electric

by: Amanda Savage

Wet Electric @ Big Surf water park
1500 N. McClintock Dr.

Wet Electric returns to the Valley on Saturday, April 27, at a new location, Big Surf water park.

Eric Prydz, Sharam, Swanky Tunes, Eddie Halliwell, Chris Garcia, Tony Arzaoon, and Dean Mason headline the event.

Partying through the nine-hour festival is different from a day at a traditional day club; mainly because of the event’s length and no re-entry policy. This makes it essential that attendees bring everything they need for a wet day in the sun.

Ensure that the day is full of good vibes, music, sunshine and company of fun people. Don’t leave before checking this guide!

Courtesy of Wet Electric
Courtesy of Wet Electric

Bring These

The great thing about an event at a water park is the lockers! This makes it easy to bring all the essentials without having to carry everything around all day. Bring all of the following:

  • At least $50 cash for locker, boogie board, raft rentals, food and drinks.
  • If running between DJ acts, rides and the locker is not ideal. Guys should consider a water resistant wallet with a chain that can stay put in board shorts. Towels.
  • Sealed water bottles.
  • A water resistant bag or case for phones, cameras and other electronics to store in the locker.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Lip balm.

Visit the event website for the list of what should stay at home.

Courtesy of Wet Electric
Courtesy of Wet Electric

Dress Like This

Guys have it easy, board shorts, a shirt, sandals, and maybe sunglasses or a hat.

Ladies, do not dress for the club. Heels at a pool can work in Vegas, but this is Tempe. Medium-height wedges are passable, but it’s hard to have fun at a slippery water park in thick, tall shoes. Bring cute sandals that can be spared. Swing by H&M for a “summer pool only” pair.

Cover-ups are perfect for ladies who plan to do more lounging than partying in the wave pool. Although, for ladies who plan to fully immerse into the experience, plan on just wearing a bikini. The rest will just get in the way.

It will be hot and wet. Limit make-up and wear hairstyles that work with the elements, not against them. Bring some some face wipes, hair product, sunglasses and a hat.

Courtesy of Wet Electric
Courtesy of Wet Electric

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