DJs Uncensored: DJ Carnage


by: Amanda Savage

Known as the founder of “festival trap,” DJ Carnage, caused a stir in the EDM community this year when he publicly announced his switch from trap music to “pretty house music.”

His new single with Tony Junior, “Michael Jordan” is due for release next week and he  plays at Global Dance Festival tonight at Red Rocks in Colorado.

AFM caught up with the DJ to talk about popping his cherry at Red Rocks, why he stopped making trap music, his new t-shirt line and his love for Chipotle.

Carnage: Yo, yo, yo!

AFM: How are you?

Carnage: Good, how are you?

AFM: Great! So you’re playing Global Dance Festival this weekend, will fans be hearing your new track, “Michael Jordan?”

Carnage: Yes, Definitely.

AFM: Have you ever played Red Rocks before?

Carnage: No, I never have. So, I’m poppin’ my cherry.

AFM: What are you looking forward to about this weekend?

Carnage: Um, just seeing all the artists and the fans. I’m so excited.


AFM: You’re also playing Tomorrowland in Belgium soon, how do you prepare for something on that scale?

Carnage: It’s my first time, so I dunno really.

AFM: Are you the kind of guy who just kind of jumps in and sees what happens?

Carnage: Exactly, until I start fucking up, then it’s like (laughs). No, I mean I pick my song selections over there is a lot different than America. They have different mindsets at these raves.

AFM: Do they like more bangers? Or are you going to take it slower? What’s the difference between that crowd?

Carnage: It’s different by which city you’re in. I’ve never played in Belgium before, but like in Austria kids are not as ratty, but then you get to the Ukraine and the kids just lose their fucking minds.


AFM: Ha, oh wow. So a lot of news surrounding you lately revolves around your switch from trap to house music. Different people have different opinions about that, what made you want to make that switch? Do you even like putting labels on the music you make?

Carnage: It’s just a personal preference, ya know?

AFM: You’re just ready for something new?

Carnage: Yea. It’s just like whatever ya know? It’s more of like a mood thing with me. Like what are you feeling like today? That’s what music is, you write what your feel.

AFM: Yea totally, so you weren’t feeling the trap think anymore?

Carnage: It was more of like a good time to start showing my house music. I think it was a perfect time. It’s all about timing a lot with this stuff. So it’s just the perfect time. I have the platform to show the world that I can make more than just DW snares.

AFM: Does your process for making music change at all with the change in style?

Carnage: It doesn’t. It’s just like, if I’m in the zone, I’m in the zone. It doesn’t really change, nothing really inspires me. It just kind of happens. I mean, if I’m listening to Afrojack or Hardwell I might want to make a house track. If I’m watching a rap video I’ll want to make a rap song or a rap beat.

If I’m making a trap song I don’t like, change my outfit

AFM: I don’t know what people would think about that. (laughs)

Carnage: They would just be like. . .no.


AFM: So what do you have to say to people who kind of think like that? And think that an artist should just stay one way? I mean, and that’s not just you, it happens in rock and pop music too.

Carnage: Your real fans will understand what you’re doing, what you want to do and what you love. Ya know, the majority of my fans get what I’ve been doing., and they like it. Ya, know they get that this is just what I really like right now.

AFM: Have you ever thought of doing anything completely random, unrelated to music? Like start a clothing line or become a chef or something?

Carnage: I’m starting my t-shirt  line, and am going pretty hard with that.

AFM: What is your t-shirt  line going to be called?

Carnage: I dunno, I have really cool concepts for shirts. I don’t know what I would call it though. Maybe, “I Love Pancakes.”

AFM: “I Love Pancakes?” Do you know when that’s going to start? Where are you at with it right now?

Carnage: Waiting to get some sample shirts in, so whenever that happens. I’ll throw ya something.


AFM: Nice, I would totally rock “I Love Pancakes.” So, you’ve got your track “Michael Jordan” set to come out soon, do you have any other new music, collaborations or remixes that your fans can get excited for?

Carnage: A lot of music coming out. I’m about to start making some pretty-ass shit.

AFM: What do you describe as pretty?

Carnage: Like really pretty house music. Like the melodic stuff: Avicii, Alesso, Axwell, Sebastian. Ya know, music like these guys who can make these amazing melodies. Like those melodies that make you want to cry — Dirty South. I’ve always been into really deep, hard house.

AFM: When will this kind of stuff start happening? Later this year?

Carnage: Yea.

AFM: You should make a shirt that says “I like pretty music” or something.

Carnage: That’s a good idea.


AFM: So this is a little off topic, but I was looking at your Facebook page and saw a lot of stuff about Chipotle. You have a “Chipotle Gang” hashtag, then these memes about Chipotle. How did all of this start?

Carnage: Um, I dunno. I like Chipotle. A lot of my fans like Chipotle too, so it became this way for us to get closer and share our love for Chipotle. It got pretty out of hand.

AFM: Do fans make you stuff?

Carnage: Yea, girls will make booty shorts. Guys will make posters, girls will make their own shirts.

AFM: Have you ever thought of getting an endorsement from Chipotle.

Carnage: I actually just did.

AFM: Really? What does that entail?

Carnage: I get a lifetime supply of Chipotle. I got this card. We’ll go on a date to Chipotle.

AFM: (laughs) So your fans are all over your social media networks, they are super supportive of you. What is the craziest thing a fan has ever done to get your attention at a show?

Carnage: Let’s see. . .This girl, was like crying hysterically because she wanted to give me kandi. I just felt so bad.

AFM: Aww, well that’s really all I have. Is there anything else you have to say about your new music or anything?

Carnage: Just get ready for the pretty music.

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