Critically Acclaimed Dennis Lloyd Just Took On Coachella, Continues Global Tour

Born Nir Tibor in Tel Aviv, Israel – singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Dennis Lloyd transcends culture and genre with music that innately resonates worldwide.

With over 1 billion on-demand streams and widespread acclaim for his global smash“Nevermind” and rising single “Never Go Back”, Israeli international singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Dennis Lloyd unveils his highly anticipated debut Exident EP this month via Arista Records.

“Everyone always asks me when is the album coming? I don’t know if I’ll ever necessarily release a typical album. People just don’t consume music like that anymore and I don’t write like that. I write my music based off of real emotions and experiences. Writing is therapeutic to me. Sometimes that’s a single song and this time it was four songs, which became my debut EP, Exident.” Dennis continues, “It’s about the phases I experienced following an intense breakup and I’m hoping those who have experienced heartbreak connect to it in their own personal way.”

The project threads together a big screen-worthy true story first hinted at on “Nevermind” and elaborated upon with the first Exident single and recently released hit, “Never Go Back. Within a few weeks of its release, “Never Go Back” has surpassed 40 million global streams, reached the top 200 Spotify chart in 23 countries, reached #1 on the overall Apple Music and Spotify charts in Israel, has been in Spotify’s Viral 50 chart in 25 countries, and has garnered critical praise from Complex, TIME, Billboard, Clash, and Forbes among others. Impressively, Dennis currently has over 9.2 million monthly listeners on Spotify, cementing him among the platform’s top 300 artists.

The EP follows his unbelievable journey. After completing three years of service in the Navy, Dennis moved to Bangkok in search of a creative haven. Basking in the quiet space of a single bedroom apartment, left with no WiFi and only his instruments, laptop, and a microphone, he spent one year creating. It was during this time that Dennis composed and recorded 40 songs, including “Nevermind”, about a Colombian woman he met and fell for while traveling in Bangkok. Continuing their relationship following their travels, he then penned “Never Go Back” after their eventual breakup in Israel. He would follow up “Never Go Back” by penning three other songs, chronicling the tumultuous relationship that inspired these tracks; each song’s theme describing a different emotional phase he experienced following the break up. Exident begins with “Introducción” a frank Spanish monologue, where Dennis directly speaks to his ex-girlfriend, closing his address to her with “I’m sorry for what I’m about to say. I love you. Forgive me.”

Threading the needle somewhere between R&B, reggae, salsa, pop and jazz with Dennis’ trumpet solo and a verse delivered in spanish, “Never Go Back,” listens even more like a viral chameleon than its predecessor mega-hit “Nevermind.”  With Dennis composing, writing, performing, and producing every inch of his records, the level of thought and emotion put into each note is undeniable, while the melodies are brilliantly simple and irresistible.Without a doubt, Dennis Lloyd has and continues to become a global artist with a reach far beyond his bedroom in Tel Aviv. And if there’s anything Dennis Lloyd wants the world to know, it’s that they can do it too. “Do something that makes you happy,” says Dennis. “And believe in yourself.”

Full Tour Dates: here

Courtesy: Nadia Ali PR / Arista Records

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