Behind the Bar: Weston Holm of Blue Clover Distillery

Name: Weston Holm

Title: Owner

Instagram: @weston_holm, @bluecloverdistillery

Find me mixing drinks at Blue Clover Distillery

Favorite drink to make: Blue Clover Distillery’s Glad Eye cocktail made with house-infused spirits from Blue Clover’s in-house distillery.

I’d most like to mix a drink for the people and the art of making spirit-based cocktails.

If I could have one superpower while working, it’d be making the cocktails without using my hands.

If I were a flavor, I’d be Blue Clover GIN.

My biggest bartending fail: I chucked a whole tray of specialty cocktails on a guest, because I tripped in the mix of the rush. They were cool about it. 🙂

My top drink and food recommendation to guests is: Our Scottsdale Sunset cocktail and our house made green chili cheese fries!

When I’m not working, I enjoy sipping on Blue Clovers’ barrel aged GIN in an old fashion.

My favorite place in town for drinks is… Too many to choose from! Aside from Blue Clover Distillery, Geordies at The Wrigley Mansion.

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