Behind the Bar: Robert Porter of J&G Steakhouse

Photo: J&G Steakhouse at The Phoenician
Photo: J&G Steakhouse at The Phoenician

Name: Robert Porter

Title: Bartender/ Mixologist

Instagram: @azcocktailartist

Find me mixing at J&G Steakhouse at The Phoenician

Favorite drink to make: Classic Old Fashioned, it’s a simple drink but it comes out best when you take your time. I use fresh citrus peel, a nice sweetener and bitters, then give it a good stir until it’s at a proper dilution.

I’d most like to make a drink for Samuel L. Jackson. He’s cool, fun and been in every movie in Hollywood. I’m sure he has the best stories.

If I could have one super power behind the bar it would be Telekinesis, or the ability to influence/manipulate/move objects/matter with my mind. I would stand back and bottles would be pouring themselves with spoons and shakers floating around, I could make 10 drinks at once. I’d ‘tell’ everyone what to drink and they would all tip me well.

If I were a flavor I’d be Kahlua. Its coffee, vanilla and rum from Mexico. It’s bold and sweet and comforting. Everyone likes Kahlua!

My biggest bartending fail: I once mixed up the dates for a private event I was going to work. I didn’t realize until after the party started, and by then it was too late. Worse, the party’s host was a friend of mine. That really hurt.

My top drink and food to recommend to guests: Start with tuna tartare and a ginger margarita, then the 19 oz. bone-in ribeye with grilled asparagus and potatoes gratin and a glass of Heitz Cellar cabernet. And for dessert, the carrot cake with a glass of Taylor Fladgate 40-year port.

When I’m not working I enjoy sipping Jonnie Walker Black. I love crafting creative cocktails, but I prefer simple uncomplicated flavors. JW Black is easy to sip and I never get tired of it.

My favorite place in town for a cocktail is Little Rituals located in downtown Phoenix on the fourth floor of the Residence Inn. They have a very creative menu of tasty drinks and I’m a sucker for the modern speakeasy vibe throughout.

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