Behind the Bar: Jason Morris of CRUjiente Tacos

Name: Jason Morris

Title: Founding Partner / Beverage Director

Instagram: @crutacos

Find me mixing drinks at… CRUjiente Tacos

My favorite drink to make is… I would have to say our JapanKnees Bees. It’s our spin on the classic Bee’s Knees. Ours is made with Japanese whiskey, fresh lemon juice and our house-made hopped honey. Simple, yet absolutely delicious.

I’d most like to mix a drink for… Larry Fitzgerald…hopefully while playing a round of golf together!

If I could have one superpower while working, it’d be… telekinesis.

If I were a flavor, I’d be… spicy…anything spicy! Preferably a Carolina Reaper!

My biggest bartending fail… slicing my finger open during service on a busy night.

My top drink and food recommendation to guests is… sparkling wine with ceviche. I also have to go with a Hazy IPA from Wren House or Tombstone with our crunchy beef taco.

When I’m not working, I enjoy sipping on… a nice cask strength bourbon on the rocks with sparkling water.

My favorite place in town for drinks is… That is a tough one as there are so many great places and bartenders in Phoenix now. Depending on my mood, I would have to go with either UnderTow or Platform 18.

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