Behind the Bar: Jake Russell of EVO

Name: Jake Russell (the first)

Title: Bar Manager, Bartender, Prank Master, Daddy.

Instagram: @daddymakesdranks

Find me mixing drinks at EVO in Old Town Scottsdale

Favorite drink to make: Definitely a classic martini. With hundreds of different variations on this classic, something about making this drink the old way just feels right. I’ll always ask if you want yours shaken or stirred, and if you order it shaken you might see a quick twinkle in my eye. Something about aggressively shaking a cocktail gets my blood going.  

I’d most like to make a drink for Bill Murray. I can only imagine the madness that could transpire after feeding that man a few adult beverages. 

If I could have one super power behind the bar it would be to have an extra set of arms, that would enable me to make our fine guests here at EVO some amazing and personalized hand crafted cocktails even faster. Also mind reading, so I know how much people like my drinks.

If I were a flavor I would be cinnamon, a little spicy on the senses at peak level but ends with a sweetness.

My biggest bartending fail: Spilling red wine on a bachelorette during her dinner party. Epic fail and felt terrible about it. 

My top drink and food to recommend to guests: I love to recommend our pizzas. We have a great pizza chef and I can always count on the deliciousness! When it comes to drinks, I like when I can customize a drink for a guest based on their preferred flavor profile and liquor. Let’s me get creative!

When I’m not working I enjoy sipping fine Whiskeys. I am a collector and love the process involved in making them. My go-to on the average day would be Wild Turkey Rare Breed.

My favorite place in town for a cocktail is The House Brasserie. The hospitality is uncompromised. You’re always made to feel warm and welcome and the cocktail techniques are always on point.

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