Behind the Bar: David Muhlstein of HULA’s Modern Tiki Phoenix and Captain’s Cabin

Photo: HULA’s Modern Tiki

Name: David Muhlstein

Title: The Captain

Instagram: @captainscabinphx / @davidmuhlstein

Find me mixing at HULA’S Modern Tiki Phoenix and The Captain’s Cabin (a hidden craft cocktail bar next door to Hula’s Phoenix, tucked behind a porthole door with a wood-plank nautical decor).

Favorite drink to make: Mezcal Old Fashioned and bitters, then give it a good stir till it’s at a proper dilution.

I’d most like to make a drink for Anthony Bourdain, R.I.P.

If I could have one superpower behind the bar it would be reading minds. I figure that could come in handy and create all sorts of chaotic fun.

If I were a flavor I’d be smoky.

My biggest bartending fail: Once I dropped a whole bottle of tequila and rum while mixing drinks. Glass and booze everywhere.

My top drink and food to recommend to guests: You can’t go wrong with a classic tiki cocktail such as our Lady Saturn paired with the South Seas Fish Tacos.

When I’m not working I enjoy sipping Bourbon.

My Favorite place in town for a cocktail is HULA’S, naturally. Sometimes I like to mix it up and hit HULA’S in Scottsdale.

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