Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Debuts in Chandler


Texas-born Alamo Drafthouse Cinema has made its way West to Chandler where the first Arizona location has recently opened. Like many new theater concepts that are popping up, Alamo features an in-lobby bar and full-service kitchen with service at your seat—but Alamo’s love for the movies is a step above most.

The theater features nine different screens ranging in size to accommodate the varying auditoriums that seat anywhere from 48 to 168 moviegoers. While the seats are traditional movie seats, their size is above average at 24-in. (average is 19-20 in.) In addition to fully reserved seats, Alamo’s theaters each feature Sony 4K projectors, Dolby Surround Sound and Real D 3D for an Oscar-worthy experience that’s sure to not be ruined by any avid, front row texters. For starters, Alamo removes the traditional neck-craning front row that’s loved by no one. Second, Alamo’s No Texting/No Talking policy is just that—you text, you talk, you’re gone. The theater’s age policy also reinforces that; all guests must be 18 or older or accompanied by a parent.


Alamo’s menu is another unique aspect with a regularly rotating craft beer list featuring the likes of many local brews from SanTan, Four Peaks and Huss Breweries among others. Craft cocktails, a full liquor list and wine list are also available for thirsty moviegoers. For food, the menu offers lunch, dinner, brunch and kid’s options and is all made-to-order. With locally-sourced produce and ingredients and made-from-scratch items like salad dressings, pizza dough and sauces, it’s wouldn’t be surprising if you return for the food alone. What’s even more fun is during Alamo’s themed nights, guests will be able to order themed dishes, specially created for a specific movie or event.


With such strict but admirable policies, it’s clear to see that Alamo takes their movies seriously which is why big, Hollywood blockbusters aren’t the only type of movies you can expect to see here; independent and re-release films will also be shown and at times, built into fun and interactive events found only at Alamo Drafthouse.

Upcoming showings:

  • December 16: Rogue One A Star Wars Story
  • December 21: Passengers
  • December 21: Assassins Creed

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