A New Generation of EDM Promoters Enter the Scene

Turtle & Jamie of Rhogue Entertainment
Photo Cred: Keenan Turner @ MDK Media

It seems like in the past year, everything we have know about dance music has changed. What used to be a completely underground ‘way of life’ has skyrocketed into the mainstream almost overnight, leaving some of us shaking our heads in disbelief, others (mostly DJs and agents) running to the bank to deposit their enormous checks, and causing anyone and everyone to become an aspiring DJ, promoter, manager, agent, and yes- even a publicist. I mean… Why wouldn’t you want to work in an industry that looks so glamorous on the outside. However, breaking into an industry such as dance music is not easy, and in fact it’s never been more difficult. It takes time, dedication, passion, out of this world networking skills, patience, a thick skin, sweat, tears, and a lot of late nights.

Photo Cred: Keenan Turner @ MDK Media

With that said… EDM fans meet the scene’s newest addition to EDM party promoter land-  Turtle and Jamie of Rhogue Entertainment.

Midnight Masquerade party goers dancing the night away
Photo Cred: Keenan Turner @ MDK Media

Rewind to last year… When first meeting Turtle and Jamie one thing is apparent, they love the music and are eager to learn. What was most shocking and fascinating about these two was their ability to pack a venue without the help of a superstar DJ or big time promoter and were still able to throw an epic/solid party. After last years Midnight Masquerade which had thousands in attendance, they caught the attention of local EDM superstar talent supplier Thomas Turner of Relentless Beats and the rest is history. It was very apparent that the two college kids were on to something and all they needed were mentors like Turner and Troy Gilmore of Sleeping Giant Music in San Diego to help their dreams become reality. And that’s exactly what happened this year.

The amazing Tommy Trash @ Midnight Masquerade
Photo Cred: Keenan Turner @ MDK Media
Alvin Risk playing a sick set to a packed house at Midnight Masquerade
Photo Cred: Keenan Turner MDK Media
Photo Cred: Keenan Turner @ MDK Media

This past Saturday, the Third Annual Midnight Masquerade Featuring headlining DJs  Tommy Trash and Alvin Risk was a complete success. The line to get into Madison Events Center was down to the end of the block by 930PM and as if that wasn’t enough, buses of party-goers we’re being dropped off almost every hour from a shuttle leaving from ASU. There was a bar for everyone 21+ (which is rarely ever seen at any non-club venue in AZ), an amazing stage with impressive production, beats that flowed effortlessly from artist to artist/set to set, and TONS of people dancing the night away to two of the best DJs in the scene right now- WOW. What we have here are two recent college graduates who have all it takes to throw an EPIC party, and that’s awesome.

Watch out world, there’s some new kids in town and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere anytime soon.

Photo Cred: Keenan Turner @ MDK Media


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