Get Absinthe-Minded at Little Cleo’s


Saturday, March 5 is National Absinthe Day and at Little Cleo’s Seafood Legend find your fair share of the liquid as it has one of the largest collections of absinthe in the Valley. The Central Phoenix seafood joint located at The Yard, boasts 10 different absinthe brands and even has a happy hour dedicated to the spirit. “Happy Hour for the Absinthe Minded” takes place Monday through Saturdays from 4-5 p.m and during those 60 joyous minutes, enjoy half-off all absinthe and absinthe cocktails, along with food specials.

To keep the night going strong, enlist the help of Little Cleo’s expert mixologist, who can help drinkers pick and choose the right ones for them. While Little Cleo only has two absinthe cocktails on the menu, avid absinthe drinkers are welcome to order made-to-order cocktails if they know of ones, or simply enjoy it the traditional way—ice cold water drip over a sugar cube.


Since the spirit was banned until 2007 in the U.S., not many people are familiar with the drink. Head to Little Cleo’s to discover your new favorite beverage and see below a list of the absinthe offerings being poured up at Little Cleo’s.

  • St. George, CA
  • Kubler, Switzerland
  • Mata Hari, Austria
  • Brevans, Switzerland
  • Duplais Blanche, Switzerland
  • Duplais Verte, Switzerland
  • Heritage, France
  • Mansinthe, Switzerland
  • Vieuz Pontarlier, France
  • La Clandestine, Switzerland

Subtle Menace: Tanqueray gin, absinthe, sauv blanc, fresh lime
7th Street Sazerac: Dickel rye, Peychaud’s bitters, absinthe, raw sugar

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