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After owning a beauty boutique and being privy to all the latest makeup colors, trends and merchandise I must say these days not having every sample at my curious fingertips can at times be more than a bummer. So when I received a sweet little email in my inbox from one of my favorite nail polish brands ever created, I simply couldn’t keep it to myself.

To me Ji Baek is a nail goddess…a genius of sorts. Not only did she bring the idea of a chic and modern nail salon back to New York but then she created possibly one of the most desirable nail polish lines free of formaldehyde, touline and DBP long before other brands were even entertaining the idea.

And of course Ji herself is known for her collection of stilettos and her spontaneous fashion style, so it made perfect sense when I received this email describing the inspiration for her new Spring color collection.

Direct from Ji-
I saw Betty Pages in South Pacific at Dior, street-wise punks at the venerable houses of Balmain and Bottega Venetta, sexy Suzie Wongs at Louis Vuitton, cool minimalist nuns at Celine and Chloe, and walking crayons at Prada and Jil Sander. I love that women are encouraged to have fun with fashion again and our wardrobes can reflect our multi-faceted personalities. That’s why I’ve named my spring polish collection Iconic/Ironic, hues to juxtaposition against every version of yourself.

The ‘irony'(this season) comes from wearing unexpected polish colors. Offset all those brights with a neutral light cocoa or a grounding black hue. Make your punk looks more tongue-in-chic with lavender nails. It’s about adding that surprising detail that keeps you on your (well-pedicured) toes.

Decorous is a perfectly ladylike light cocoa, a hardly boring neutral to offset bright tropical hues or to add a chic finish to an all-black ensemble.

Recherché is a purplish dark brown prune, an exotic accent that grounds oversize prints better than an expected summer pink or coral.

Insouciant is the toned-down gray lilac of a pressed corsage. Punked out rather than pastel. Wear it with Bardot-worthy uber-feminine dresses, muddied neutrals or nonchalant leather-clad rocker ensembles.

Finally, there’s Iconoclast. A richly pigmented ebony with layers of fine glitter, giving it depth and a metallic, mica-like finish. I’m wearing it with EVERYTHING—ladylike suits, whimsical prints, nautical classics—everything BUT black!

I don’t even have to tell you how quickly these will disappear. I can only say from experience that every season when a new RBL color launched we had people lining up at my storefront before we even had time to unpack the boxes.. you can order at

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