Men’s Fashion: Don’t Sleep on These 5 Style Updates

Guest post by Tom Simon, Operating Partner at The Clotherie

Tom Simon of The Clotherie. Photo: Brad Reed

As you start to swap out your seasonal wardrobe to keep up with the rising temps, take a hard look at your closet. Some subtle yet significant style changes are underway. Below are five key things to note when evaluating your old suits and clothing. As always, feel free to shoot me a message or stop by the store at anytime to shop the latest and receive a custom fit from our in-house tailor.

1. Point to Point

The Clotherie jacket; Eton shirt

This is the distance from shoulder seam to shoulder seam. The point-to-point measurement has narrowed substantially in the last handful of years. If you have an old jacket that extends out way past your shoulders, it’s time to let it go.

2. Button Stance


On a sport coat this is where the top button hits you. Older styles from the ‘80s and ‘90s had a very low-slung button stance. Current styles are near your sternum or right below, proportionate to the length of the coat.

3. Lapel Width

Canali jacket; Eton shirt; AG Jeans

This is a confusing one. Lapel widths are really varying right now. Peak lapels are very popular as well as wider bowed lapels. There is some wiggle room on this rule.

4. Pant Silhouettes

Billy Reid jacket; AG Jeans; Martin Dingman shoes

Pants remain slimmer. Even with the introduction of some shallower pleats the leg is still not full. The trimmer leg is proportionate to your trimmer jacket, where the sum makes for a visual balance when wearing a suit. Pant lengths are a bit shorter with a slight break. Avoid a large break or a puddled bottom on the pant as it basically makes it look outdated and sloppy.

5. Coat Length

Byron sport coat; Billy Reid shirt; Mason’s pants; Martin Dingman shoes

The old days of copping your hand under the sides of your coat to determine length is gone to now measure by your top thumb knuckle. The coat doesn’t have to be super short, just not down to your thighs, which is usually the sign of an old suit.

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