How to Master the ‘Quiet Luxury’ Trend

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Google Trends has shown a boom in “quiet luxury”, where searches for the team have explode by 614% in the past year. This means that people are looking for clean, minimalistic looks that exude an air of effortless sophistication and refined elegance rather than flaunting expensive brands and designer logos. 

The fashion experts at Boohoo analyzed this Google search information and created four tips to achieve this “quiet luxury look,” including:.  using light makeup, glowy skincare, wearing neutrals or monochrome colors and ditching the labels. Let’s take a deeper dive into each trend tip.

Light Makeup

A Boohoo representative talked about Sofia Riche’s recent ‘quiet luxury’ style wedding; from her outfits to her makeup look people were obsessed with what she was doing. Sofia made her own GRWM video highlighting the look she was doing and the products she used. Some of her products cost less than $40, proving that you do not need expensive products to look luxurious. 

To achieve this natural yet elegant look, Boohoo representatives recommend a few things. One is to use cream-based products compared to using powder-based products, which gives you a natural sheen look rather than matte. Also, instead of using pinks, use peach or bronze tones to give a more sun-kissed look. Highlighter also helps because it adds to your natural glow and keeps the light makeup look as well. 

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Glowy Skincare 

Luxury skincare has been on the rise the past few years; a Boohoo representative said that there has been a 53% search increase. Everyone’s skin is different so everyone’s skincare routine is going to vary as well. It is important to find the right products for you and keep up the schedule to get the most dewy and glowy skin. You can even add in a facial from time-to-time to maintain the look and up your relaxation. 

Neutrals or Monochromes

Neutral and monochrome outfits have become all the rage recently; the #neutraloutfit has 461.9 million views and the #monochromeoutfit has over 209.8 million views on TikTok, according to Boohoo representatives. Neutral and monochrome outfits can be used as base pieces that will elevate your looks without it being too loud. These toned-down looks will elevate your looks and keep the quiet luxury style going. You can mix and match with these and even keep these clothes for years to come, even if your style changes. 

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Ditch the Logos 

Quiet luxury can range from designer brands to plain, clean looks. To achieve this luxury look you do not need money. You can get simple and versatile pieces like neutrals and monochromes. If you want to splurge on expensive brands you can but focus less on flashy items and focus more on keeping it simple. Quiet luxury can be achieved through basic yet elegant pieces, it is more about how you style them then how expensive they are. 

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